GOP: Wisconsin is Ground Zero for 2012 as They Double Down on Crazy

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Governor Walker warned Wisconsin Republicans at their annual state convention that they face a huge threat in the looming recall elections, but the Republicans were focused instead on whom to run for a US Senate seat that’s been in Democratic control for over 50 years. Referring to Wisconsin as “ground zero” for 2012, the Republicans stressed the importance of sustaining the radical changes they’ve initiated. In order to do that, they want to take that senate seat, but they’re torn on whom to run: a moderate Republican or double down on the crazy.

Looks like they might not have much of a choice with Club for Growth already weighing in to attack the moderate Republican, former Governor Tommy Thompson, whose great sins include working with unions, pushing for the high speed rail Republicans thumbed their noses at, and saying some good things about the Democratic healthcare reform law (which only makes sense as it implements Republican principles of free market competition).

Meanwhile, it looks like the challenges to the recall campaigns are mostly being rejected, with state election officials recommending that an elections board throw out most challenges to recall efforts against three Republican state senators. If you are a conservative, you would call this “Republican court activism”, but if not, you would simply call it an attempt to stop the bleeding via using the courts to stop democracy. Let us not forget that many of the ways the Republicans attempted to get their agenda passed were not exactly legal. The people don’t like that. It’s not a partisan thing, it’s a democracy thing. Sigh. The recall elections are set for July 12, 2011. reports:

“In many ways, sustaining what we’ve won will make getting here look easy. We must hold on to what has worked,” U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner said at the convention Saturday. “We’re about to face some of the toughest challenges we as Republicans have ever faced. … That’s because Wisconsin is ground zero in 2012 and we can never forget it.”

“Wisconsin Republicans should recruit a pro-growth conservative to run, not recall some big-government, pro-tax Republican whose time has come and gone,” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said.

No matter the Republican candidate, Democrats are confident they have momentum on their side following the explosive first months of Walker’s administration and Ryan’s pushing of a federal budget plan that would replace Medicare with a voucher system.
“There are no real moderates left in that party,” Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski said. “The moderates are marching in the streets with us. They’re going to end up with an extreme candidate.”

“The Scott Walker-Paul Ryan agenda has gotten so wacky, so out of step with even the moderate Republican political thought, our candidate will be a strong moderate who builds through consensus and will be able to listen to both sides and work with both sides,” he said.

Brothers Scott and Jeff Fitzgerald of FitzWalkerstan fame are considering a US Senate run, which should frighten anyone who values democracy after the brothers gave their father the head of the troopers position and then ordered him to “detain” Democratic lawmakers, an act which has CREW investigating the actions of the troopers.

Poor Governor Walker is begging the GOP to take the recalls seriously, urging them to forget about that dang senate seat for the next two months. The Chicago Tribune reported:

Walker, speaking to about 1,000 Republicans at a Wisconsin Dells resort, said the only thing that could stop the GOP’s momentum in the state are the recall elections. “For the next two months, you shouldn’t think about any United States Senate seat, you should think about protecting six brave senators and picking up three others,” Walker said.

Translation, Walker’s agenda is being severely threatened and if he can’t keep those targeted Republicans, he’s screwed (as if he weren’t already screwed, but Walker isn’t known for his ability to see reality). Walker may not yet have realized that he was nothing but anti-Obama momentum bait for the national GOP. He and Ryan will get the Newt treatment from the poll readers behind the scenes at the same time as they are embraced as the faces of fundamental change in front of those vocal primary voters. Of course, we see that the little Ozmen can’t quite manage their cultists these days, so the Republicans may be forced to double down.

I’m placing my bets on crazy, after all, they admitted that Wisconsin was “ground zero” for the 2012 race (it’s their own analogy, but one has to ask, are they are the terrorists and Wisconsin is the shattered destruction after their attack?) and the GOP seems hell bent on purging itself of any sane moderates. Goodness, if anyone who is for progress and against corporate tax subsidies can no longer be a Republican, if Republicans must repeat the Club for Growth Koch brothers lines about healthcare reform knowing they have no better solution, then the party might as well open the doors to the lunatic asylum and let it rip.

Open the doors, boys. Let Ground Zero attacker Scott Walker to run for President. He’s their perfect puppet: he’s actually uneducated (as opposed to just playing ignorant zealot), he’s a demagogic Dominionist who believes he’s The Chosen, he’s a known serial cheater with no ethics to speak of, he’s clearly not a reality seeker, and he’s got a sociopath’s penchant for lying.

Let us not forget that while Republicans used the shock and awe of a fake financial crisis to support their politically motivated attacks on unions, Wisconsin is actually facing a 600 plus million dollar surplus, even accounting for Governor Walker’s corporate welfare handouts. Now, we all remember the nice surplus Clinton left Bush and we know how quickly such surpluses are drained down the trickle down toilet of modern day Republican Party ideology, so act fast Wisconsin. Use the Peter Principle to get rid of Walker if you have to; urge him run for President.

By the time the vetting process is done with him, “pallin around with terrorists” will seem like an invitation to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Wisconsin will be one cooked demagogue down. Maybe he can run with Paul Ryan as his VP. They can run on killing Medicare, attacking the middle class, giving huge corporate tax breaks to their puppet masters and saying no to progress. If Ryan won’t run with Walker, I know his soul mate Sarah Palin would deign to allow him to run as her VP. Together they can dodge the lamestream media and the people as they issue mandates from the castle, calling it God’s will for you to starve. And think of the crowns! Haven’t we always been seeking a King and Queen to replace our silly democratic process?

I’m betting on the crazy. This is the modern day Republican Party, after all. A few too many teabags short of sane, they’ll run on the economy and jobs, and then implement the same old tax breaks to the “job creators” fiscal failure they’ve been conning American with for too long.

But back to “Ground Zero” in Wisconsin, Governor Walker says those recalls are vital to his agenda. I think y’all know what to do.

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