Glenn Beck Mocks May 21, 2011 Judgment Day

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On Fox News show today Glenn Beck mocked the May 21 Judgment Day believers.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Beck summarized the May 21 beliefs, “In case you haven’t caught up on the news yet, billboards have been put up all of America telling everyone who will look and listen that judgment day is coming. In fact it’s coming tomorrow, hurry. May 21, 2011 at 6 PM depending on your time zone, see local listings for details. At 6 PM Eastern tomorrow a great earthquake will come, and then at 6 PM Central they get the earthquake, and it sort of kind of goes from east to west across America for the next few hours. Hawaii you get yours, I don’t know what it is six hours over to you. So that’s how it’s going to happen. Now after the true believers will be changed in glorified spiritual bodies. Everyone else just suffers for months, and then the world is finally destroyed, and they call me depressing.”

Later Beck said, “In fact not only will the evil humans of the world be taken by surprise by the end of the world tomorrow, you know if you are a church goer you are really going to be you’re going to be saying what happened. The reason why you’re going to be surprised is because the end of the church age. That was in 1994, of course. Anyone who is still in a church by tomorrow isn’t a true believer, and well it’s not going to go so well around 6ish for you.”

After mocking an MTA worker who is spending $140,000 on an end of the world ad campaign, Beck continued, “By the way, don’t confuse tomorrow’s apocalypse with the apocalypse that the exact same guy from Family Radio predicted back in 1994. Apparently he got a little confused. It was the end of the church age and not the end of the whole world. We’ve been looking into the history books this week for about 24 seconds, and I don’t think the apocalypse actually occurred in 1994. That’s right, church age. Also another confusing fact, also back in 1994 the song The Sign by Ace of Base was actually out and that might have been a sign. What do I know I’m crazy because I’m a churchgoer so.”

Glenn Beck mocked the May 21 people, but on March 18 he told his radio listeners that the earthquake in Japan might be a sign that end days are coming:

Beck was discussing the earthquake that hit Japan when he said, “We can’t see the connections here. Now look, I’m not saying God is, you know, causing earthquakes. Well — I’m not saying that he — I’m not not saying that either.”

On March 30, Beck predicted that Jesus will be returning soon:

It is okay for Glenn Beck to be telling his listeners that end days are upon us, but nobody else better try to work his side of the street or else they are crazy. Almost from the very moment that he debuted on Fox News, Glenn Beck has been telling his listeners that the end of the world is coming. This is a man whose entire sales pitch and personal wealth has been built around gloom and doom. Yet, he thinks the May 21 people are crazy.

Does Beck really think that they are nuts, or is trying to eliminate the end times competition? The difference between Beck and the May 21 crowd is that he is smart enough to know that you should never attach a concrete date to your end of the world predictions. If Glenn Beck never slaps a date on any of this, he can never be wrong.

Glenn Beck is debunking Family Radio’s May 21 doomsday because he doesn’t want his end of days cult getting their information from another Christian end of days cult.

End days prophets like Glenn Beck aren’t big fans of the apocalypse free market and competition. Predicting the end of world is big business, and Glenn Beck doesn’t need any squatters setting up shop on his turf.

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