Just When You Thought It Was Safe, Sarah Palin Slides Into 2012 Waters

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Sarah Palin told Hannity tonight that she is “still seriously considering a run,” and couldn’t name one specific candidate she would want to hear more from, saying “all of them” but noting that she was looking for someone who embodied “Tea Party principles”. Palin also said that in our assessment of the candidates, we should “do our homework” and make sure they are living a fiscally and socially “conservative” beliefs in their personal life. She warned people not to let the media define who their candidate should be. But most importantly, Sarah Palin slid her name back into the 2012 talk.

So, you thought she wasn’t going to run. You think she’s just playing her base for money. You think she’s too stupid to run. But she wasn’t too stupid to wait out the first round of vetting by fire. Sarah Palin is actually a rather wily political animal.

For two years, liberals have been telling me Sarah Palin is too “stupid” and “lazy” to run for the Presidency and to stop paying attention to her, but they don’t know her like I know her. She believes in her mind and heart that God wants her to be President. If someone believes that, what place does reality have in their decision-making?

Liberals make a miscalculation by projecting their own beliefs onto others; they project onto all Americans a belief in the importance of listening and comparing what a candidate says with what they do. They miscalculate when they assume that all Americans share their desire for a candidate who can debate the issues of the day knowledgeably. They miscalculate when they assume Americans even care if their president can read. They miscalculate the ability to sell a candidate to a lazy populace. No, I’m not suggesting she can win the general. I’m suggesting she can win her party’s primary. Isn’t that bad enough?

As many previous elections should demonstrate, most people don’t vote based on reason and objectivity. Many of them haven’t a clue where the candidates even stand on important issues. Many people are sold someone to vote for, someone who makes them feel good things, someone who seems to affirm their own values. They get a “feeling” about someone and they vote for them. They don’t compare what the person said with their actual votes. They chose to believe based on their feelings and so they do. This is the old “guy I want to have a beer with” strategy. It typically benefits one party more than another for obvious reasons.

When liberals aren’t dismissing Sarah Palin based on their assumption that she’s stupid (she’s not), they dismiss the possibility of her running by claiming that Sarah Palin just wants to make money. Yet, in Sarah’s mind, nothing would stop her from making money if she were President. Look at Governor Walker, who just gave himself the right to rule over laws made in WI and ask yourself, are we applying too much reason to our thinking about her?

Imagine there are no boundaries and no rules. Imagine if you really believed that you were Esther here to save the USA. Imagine if you were a narcissist surrounded by ego-supporters who told you every day that the country depended upon you to save it from the fires of hell. Imagine if you thought that the President were the anti-christ and you the savior. That’s not just rhetoric for Sarah Palin; she actually believes this stuff, which explains why she is so shocked when Americans don’t receive things like her blood libel video well.

No one thought or anticipated that Huckabee wouldn’t run. It changes everything. There’s plenty of staff to be hired; they are not all taken now, though everyone assumed they would be. Two years ago, I was fretfully predicting this to politicos who assured me that she would not run because she couldn’t handle the requirements. I explained to them that if she ran, she would change the rules; she would manage her campaign with the same sort of unilateral communication she specializes in (she even has the home studio to do it in now).

They assured me that Palin would never be allowed to get away with that and furthermore, would never enter into a debate. But Palin has done debates before and according to our press, she handled her debate with Biden “well”. No one ever called her out on dodging the issues and having notes with talking points on them. She charmed quite a few people in that debate, and she did the same thing in debates in Alaska, coquettishly telling her opponent that it was neat that he knew so much about the issues, but no one cared. She was right.

Back then, the people were pretty desperate for a candidate they could believe in, coming off of the raging swell of government officials embroiled in oil corruption. Now, the conservatives are desperate for a leader, having just been dumped by their great white hopes, Huckabee and Trump. Stepping into a political abyss as the savior is Palin’s specialty. If she does it, she will wait until the last possible moment, thereby depriving the press of the time to properly vet her. She will acquiesce after being begged to save the country from the evil Muslim and ride in as the Tea Party Eva Perón.

As for the usual Sunday talk show appearances, Palin would counter appearing on the news programs by appearing on daytime programs and playing to the average American. What press would stop her? The same press who has been reporting on her tweets as if they were the Holy Grail of political wisdom, the same press who are salivating at the idea of a Palin run? They’d let her get away with it for the sheer entertainment value and the hits.

If you think she’s just a stupid idiot, then you haven’t been paying attention. If you comfort yourself by knowing she will never get into the White House, then you are missing the inescapable truth of what a Palin run would mean for this country.

Due to the weak GOP field and as a result of their desperate pandering to the far right, a Palin run is not a far-fetched possibility. And sooner than you can make your next Sarah Palin joke, the conservatives will begin to rally around their only “star”. Those same people who were dissing Palin just weeks ago will suddenly find her latest tweet on foreign policy to be brilliant and the rebranding will commence at warp speed. It will probably include some kind of heart-warning narrative about how Palin has finally seen the light, and is busy “studying” up, getting “serious” and buying pink elephant gravitas from the local Wal-Mart. If played right, it could be the “come-back” story Americans so love to buy. Of course, this is Sarah Palin we’re talking about, and Palin isn’t known for taking suggestions well, so the odds of her messing up her own “come-back” are high. She has a self-serving, self-pitying demeanor only a far right, social conservative could love, after all.

The irony here is that Palin may be sunk by the image that she’s stupid, when in reality, she’s not stupid at all (she is willfully ignorant and too arrogant to think she needs to learn anything), which just goes to prove that image is everything in American politics. The short term memories of Americans could come into play here, though. One false sympathy move and the game changes.

Some people play the precarious game of pushing for Palin just because Obama would trounce her easily. They have no idea the kind of dangerous fire they are playing with. If we love this country, if we want a more peaceful union, if we want diplomacy, integrity and ethics to matter and a return to dialogue over meaningful issues, we would not wish for a Palin run. No sane person who knows the Real Sarah wants her to run, no matter how sure the outcome of her loss. She’s too toxic.

When you laugh at the idea of Sarah Palin running for office, remember that this is the Republican Party you are placing so much faith in– the same party that sold Wisconsin on Scott Walker, the party that promotes Paul Ryan’s budget plan, the party that gave us two terms of George W Bush. This is the party that continually gets Americans to vote against their own economic interest and liberty. Is there anything the Republican Party can’t sell to their own base?

It’s really not funny at all. Only a fool discounts their opponent and Sarah Palin is an opponent of democracy for whom the possibility of getting her party’s nomination just burst wide open. I wonder how many times liberals can be caught unawares by the ability of Republicans and some independents to buy jingles before they wake up and realize that it doesn’t matter if the Republicans’ candidate is “stupid”. No one cares.

They might want to have a beer with her, after all. Or, more to the point, they might want to look at her in her dominatrix mommy boots and her black leather jacket while she snarls about Obama’s private parts. And if they do, we are in for some dark times.

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