The Media Won’t Tell You That Even Fox’s Poll Shows Obama is Popular

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Last night Fox News released a new poll that revealed President Obama’s job approval ratings have swung a net 13 points and increased to 55% in the past month.

The Fox News poll
has Obama’s job approval rating at 55%, which is an 8 point increase over the last month. Obama’s disapproval rating has declined by 6 points from 47% to 41%. Men approve of the job that Obama is doing as president, 53%-43%. Women approve of Obama’s job performance, 57%-39%. Those with a college degree approved of Obama 55%-41%, and those without a degree approved of Obama by virtually the same margin, 55%-40%.

Whites were split on Obama, 46%-50%, but the President remained strong with non-whites 81%-19%. Another key component of the Obama constituency, those under age 35 approved of Obama 62%-33%. People 35-54 approved of Obama 55%-41%. Those age 55+ approved of the job Obama is doing, 50%-47%, and seniors were split on Obama, 47%-48%. Those who make under $50,000 approved of Obama, 62%-32%, and those who make over $50,000 approved of Obama, 53%-46%.

Liberals approve of how Obama is performing as president, 78%-17%. Moderates also approve of the Obama presidency, 72%-24%. As expected almost 2/3 of conservatives disapprove of Obama, 33%-64%. Republicans disapprove of Obama, 19%-78%, but Tea Partiers expressed the highest level of disapproval for Obama, 13%-85%. Independents are split on the President 43%-49%.

These job approval ratings for Obama are his highest in the Fox News poll since June of 2009. Even before the capture of Bin Laden an improving economic picture had the President’s approval ratings trending upwards, and now it looks like they have taken off. It has been weeks since Osama Bin Laden was killed and Obama’s approval ratings are trending towards new recent highs.

The killing of Bin Laden did something politically for Obama that is more important than approval ratings. The successful decision to go get Bin Laden has caused the Obama presidency to be redefined. Many Americans are taking a fresh look at Obama and they like what they see, especially when he is compared to the GOP.

The killing of Bin Laden itself is not enough to make Obama a lock for reelection, but when combined with improving economic numbers, a list of accomplishments as long as your arm, and the his enduring personal popularity, any attempt to unseat this president is going to be an uphill climb.

The media won’t tell you this, but Barack Obama isn’t in that much trouble. The popular media narrative is that this president whose political future is in jeopardy. Gloom and doom sells, and the corporate media love to pander to right wing America. They are trying to turn the 2012 election into a dramatic ratings getting storyline. It is all about ratings and revenue.

When even the Fox News poll shows growing Obama approval ratings the media may just have to face the fact that this president is fairly popular, and a whole lot of Americans are going to vote for Barack Obama in 2012.

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