Even Dennis Kucinich Would Kick Sarah Palin’s Ass In 2012

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Sarah Palin is Guilty

Sarah Palin has fallen so far since the heady days of 2008 that Dennis Kucinich would now beat her if her was the 2012 Democratic nominee.

Somebody at Public Policy Polling got the bright idea of matching up Dennis Kucinich against Sarah Palin and Donald Trump in a fun little game of what would happen if. The results show just how badly Sarah Palin has crashed and burned. If Sarah Palin was matched up against Dennis Kucinich in 2012, Kucinich would beat Palin 43%-36%.

Sarah Palin earns almost the same amount of support with Independents against Kucinich (33%) that she does against Obama (32%). A trend that has changed since 2008 is that women hate Sarah Palin. Women support Kucinich over Palin by 20 points, 49%-29%.

Yesterday, Gallup released a poll that showed Sarah Palin in a dead heat with with Mitt Romney (20%-18%), but nobody should read too much into this because Sarah Palin would lose a General Election match up against the most liberal member of Congress. Sarah Palin isn’t back. She is filling the Fox News/celeb vacuum created by the absence of Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee.

Republicans are so desperate to support someone, anyone with a name that they have traded their support of one reality TV star with no campaign (Trump) for another (Palin). The reason why Palin did so well in the Gallup poll is simple. She has the highest name recognition of any Republican in the potential field. In the Gallup poll, Sarah Palin’s name recognition was at 96%. Newt Gingrich was second at 84%, and Mitt Romney was third at 83%.

Sarah Palin’s poll “resurgence” is evidence of nothing more than her high name recognition. Remember in 2007 Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were the frontrunners for their parties’ nominations too, yet it was Barack Obama and John McCain who ended up squaring off in the fall. If you want a measure of Palin’s real chances in 2012, all you need to know is that she would lose to Dennis Kucinich.

If Palin can’t beat Kucinich, she doesn’t have a prayer against Obama. The truth is that only thing consistency in Sarah Palin’s polling is that most Americans are repulsed by her.

We will see a President Kucinich before we ever see a President Palin, and that’s some real political straight talk.

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