Freepers’ Delight and the Many Delusions Behind the Cult of Sarah Palin

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Over the weekend you may have missed the erstwhile drama of reality v myth that took place at US Election News.Org. The polling site had two polls up that involved Sarah Palin; both were freeped so badly that one was taken down all together and the other had Sarah Palin’s name removed after frustrated poll posters tried to explain that the incoming traffic to the poll was coming from a Palin fan site.

Dancing with the Stars redoux? You betcha.

First ran into the Palin fans from Team Sarah and had to pull the poll altogether after it was freeped. Then Sunday, in a poll entitled, “As 2012 GOP Respond, Who Benefits Most From Huckabee’s Decision Not To Run?” poll poster Jillian Curtin pulled Palin’s name altogether after the poll was freedped for Palin by Conservatives for Palin, with Ms Curtin explaining that they were trying to get general population results, not Palin fan results.

Jillian Curtin (poll poster) wrote in the comments section:

I have removed and deleted the poll. It has come to the point where we can not put her name in a poll. This is the third time that her fans have come, in extremely large numbers, from a single referring link, and skewed the results. This practice of poll hijacking, known as “freeping”, makes it extremely difficult to get an unbiased opinion from a general audience, and that is what we are after. Please, use your enthusiasm to write emails, letters, and comments on HER sites, to convince her to run, if that is in fact what you are after, because voting in mass quantity here on, I promise you will have very little effect on what Gov. Palin actually does.

Ah, Ms Curtin assumes she is dealing with rational people. She will soon learn.

Jillian Curtin then responded to another angry Palinista with this:

Mr. Teuber, According to our data, the majority our readers come from Google, searching for terms such as Donald Trump, Ron Paul, and 2012 election. The rest come from our Twitter and Facebook following. I saw her votes start to climb from just 17 votes at 2am this morning, to a total of 270 votes as of the time of her removal, for perspective, her closest competitor, Mitt Romney is still at 30. When I checked the traffic source data again, the number one referral was from the C4P site, far outweighing any other source.
Again, I do not assume that C4P’s voting in the poll has any kind of motive other than to spread the excitement surrounding her potential candidacy, I would just prefer that you do so in the comment fields, explaining why you feel she will absorb much of former Gov. Huckabees support. We are drop in the ocean of political blogs out there, and I am very surprised by the amount of traffic this poll has given us, even if it is primarily negative at this point.

You can’t blame Palin fans for their cult-like enthusiasm nor their blatant disregard for reality, after all, look at their leader. These are people who believe that Sarah Palin sold that jet on Ebay, built the gas pipeline, and quit on Alaska to better America for God. Their ability to believe in Sarah Palin despite reality is only second to their ability to believe that they alone know God’s will and they are the chosen, right people.

A few choice bits from the dustup:


There they go again trying to convince us that Palin can’t win, she only has a few rabid supporters. While telling us that Huntsman or Daniels are the best candidates for the Republican party. That’s because they are afraid of Palin and know that Huntsman and Daniels can be beat!


Leaving Sarah Palin’s name off is what happens in Fascist or Communist dictatorships and state-run media.

Sarah Palin would be around 12%.
BS you bunch of liars.


Sarah was winning this, and rightfully so, in a landslide, so they took her name off the poll. I expect nothing less.

Please explain the methodology you used to determine that “responses received from sources other than C4P” would only net Sarah Palin 12% of the vote. I’m not buying it. And I doubt many others are, either.

I will concede that the Palin fans are in close competition with the Ron Paul fans for “energy” and “enthusiasm” regarding online polls. One wouldn’t want to be caught between those two groups right now, but as dogmatic as the Paulites are, they haven’t made a name for themselves as cheaters, threateners or rabidly dangerous. They leave that to the Palinistas.

And while I was searching through C4P and the comment section of the poll, I ran across a comment left on our own site as well, under a different name! Oh, heavens. Apparently African Americans in Alaska really like Sarah Palin, contrary to the lawsuits in Alaska over Juneteenth Day:

AndreaB 08:54 AM in reply to Ron Brown
A guy by the name of LeRoy Jefferson wrote this in the comment section:

As a black man, I have seen the death and destruction visited upon the African-American community by the Obama administration and the Democrats in congress. Unemployment of black youth is at 50%. That’s right, 1 out of 2 of our young people are out of work! Gov. Sarah Palin couldn’t do a worse job of it and would almost assuredly do a much better job! Folks in Alaska tell me she was great! She’s got my vote!


Tyrone Thigpen on May 15, 2011 at 2:53 am

As a black man, I have seen the death and destruction visited upon the African-American community by the Obama administration and the Democrats in congress. Unemployment of black youth is at 50%. That’s right, 1 out of 2 of our young people are out of work! Gov. Sarah Palin couldn’t do a worse job of it and would almost assuredly do a much better job! Folks in Alaska tell me she was great! She’s got my vote!

There are moments in life when one is so staggered by a display of audacious ignorance that one struggles to respond. This is one of them.

This poll is hardly the Palinistas first go around with freeping polls. They did it for Bristol in Dancing with the Stars to such a degree that the show had to redo their voting system. Team Sarah and C4P apparently operate under the same delusion that if they repeat the lie often enough, it will be true. They also fail to grasp that this sort of behavior is frowned upon by Americans – you know, those people who vote in elections for reals.

While the Palinistas claim that Sarah Palin has no official tie to C4P, Palin’s speechwriter Rebecca Mansour used to run C4P and the message Palin wants to get out always finds its way onto the pages of C4P. And that’s fine, if a bit dishonest, but what’s really telling is that C4P uses the same methods of cheating as public relations as did Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska.

As Frank Bailey revealed in his new book, “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin – A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years”, a thin-skinned Sarah Palin directed state employees to write letters to the editor defending her, which they then sent to friends and relatives to sign and get published in the paper. And then we have Sarah Palin’s ultimate PR move of creating a Facebook page linked to her email under the name of “Lou Sarah” that “liked” things “Sarah Palin” posted. Lou Sarah was obviously Sarah Palin, fighting the “smears” of the lamestream media by liking herself. Someone had to do it.

The lack of sophistication of both Palin and her fans would be charming were it not so unfair to others and unscrupulous in nature. To some degree, their approach has worked. They kept Bristol on DWTS until the final three, and she has now gotten a new reality TV show. Had she been booted off when America was really tired of her (much earlier), one wonders if she would have been able to convince a production company that she was going to be a ratings get.

So the fans are making money for the Palins, but are they helping her politically? Freeping an internet poll doesn’t do much to alleviate Palin’s repeatedly low polling numbers in non-internet polls. They have managed to keep Palin in the limelight to some degree, but not all of that limelight shines brightly upon her.

The Palinistas firm belief that they are being targeted by a mean, liberal, Soros-controlled media is a perfect example of what we call epistemic closure. They have been told not to believe anything that doesn’t come from Sarah Palin herself. They live in a bubble where they freep polls and then believe the polls, knowing they freeped them.

Sadly for the rest of us, this leads them to become enraged at what they view as unfair practices, and some of them lash out at liberals (Palin cleverly blames “liberals” for all of her woes, never mentioning that it was Republicans in Alaska who troubled her the most and Republican who do not want her to run now as well). A liberal, of course, is anyone who doesn’t think that Sarah Palin sold that plane on Ebay.

What’s truly sad about this is that in reality, I believe Sarah Palin does stand to gain the most by Huckabee not running, as she is in line to take the evangelical bigot vote. They didn’t need to freep the poll. They had this one. No one will ever accuse the Palinistas of finesse, however.

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