Conservative Bias: CNN Refuses To Challenge Paul Ryan’s Bogus Budget Claims

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CNN showed its conservative media bias today when instead of debunking Rep. Paul Ryan’s bogus budget claims, Candy Crowley said she didn’t want to play the numbers game.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Here is the transcript from CNN:

CROWLEY: OK. And let me — I just want to sort of get factually two things clear. You would agree that the Bush administration added greatly to this deficit and this debt that you are now looking at.

RYAN: Yes.


RYAN: I would. Look, both parties messed this up. This is not a Republican created problem or a Democrat created problem, it is both parties. And we’ve got to face up that if we’re going to get this situation under control.

CROWLEY: And the president does have some ideas out there. You’re not the only one with specific ideas. He’s put them all out there; you all just don’t like them.

RYAN: Well, yes, but you got to remember his budget does nothing close to closing the fiscal gap. He gave a speech which said do more Medicare rationing. We asked the Congressional Budget Office to give us an analysis of this framework. They basically said they can’t score speeches. So we still have yet to see from the administration a plan that actually fixes our fiscal problem.

And of course, as you know, we’ve seen nothing from the Senate so far.

CROWLEY: Right. Others I just want to add here. Certainly check facts (sic), have said that your plan also falls short in the deficit reduction, but rather than get into a numbers game with you, I want to step back and look at this a little politically.

And that is, I want you to sell me this politically. Because as you know, some of your members went home and took a beating on Medicare. The idea that Medicare, as we know it, would be replaced by a subsidy system that would be capped for those as you get wealthier. And a lot of people said don’t change Medicare, we see this in the polls.

So you have that, that the Republicans are — at least your plan and many Republicans backing it, is out there. And then you have Republicans refusing to say, yes, we ought to cut the subsidies we give to the multi-multi billion dollar oil industry. Sell me on that to me politically. How is that shared sacrifice?

Candy Crowley let’s Ryan claim that both parties are the problem when it comes to deficit, when George W. Bush almost doubled the national debt from $5.73 trillion when he took office to $10.7 trillion when he left. His tax cuts alone added $2 trillion to deficit. When you add Medicare Part D and two wars to the books there is the bulk of his deficit. When Bill Clinton left office we had a budget surplus, and our debt was set to be paid off within a decade, so how much of this is really a Democratic problem?

Candy Crowley really let Ryan get away with murder by letting Ryan’s claim that Obama’s budget does nothing close to the fiscal gap. Would have been too hard for her to point out that Ryan’s budget does nothing to close the fiscal gap either, and actually increases the deficit by $6 trillion?

Instead poor Candy doesn’t want to burden a budget discussion with actually numbers, so she throws Rep. Ryan a softball that lets him sell his massive upward redistribution of wealth unopposed. She did ask him later if he thought that keeping the oil subsidies while ditching Medicare was a problem, but that was about it as far as “tough” questions go.

It is one thing to only host Republicans on the Sunday morning talk shows, but it is quite another to not ask those Republican guests any challenging questions. The media is definitely biased towards conservatives, but now the Sunday shows have morphed into Fox News. CNN and Candy Crowley’s latest embarrassment of an interview is more proof of that, but how can Democrats compete if they can’t even get booked on these shows?

The answer is that viewers need to let the networks know that they won’t support bias and propaganda in our media anymore. Petitions, email campaigns, and letters are all great, but if you really want to get their attention, stop watching. Stop supporting conservative media bias with your viewership.

Make the networks book the guests that you are willing to tune in to see. If Candy Crowley’s interview with Paul Ryan was your only source of information about his budget plan you wouldn’t know that his plan privatizes Medicare while adding $6 trillion to the deficit.

This week 8 Republican guests were featured on the Sunday shows compared to 1 Democrat. Last week the ratio was 6 Republicans to 1 Democrat. Ask yourself why the Sunday shows are booking so many more Republicans than Democrats when Democrats are in control of both the White House and Senate? How can a serious discussion of current events and politics take place when the party that controls 2/3 of the bodies involved in policy making in this country is barely represented?

The corporate controlled media will continue to propagandize the Republican message until they are forced to stop. CNN is supposed to be the more objective network, but when it comes to Sunday morning, they are also in the tank for the GOP.

CNN, after this interview with Paul Ryan, your conservative media bias is showing.

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