Leaked Email Confirms That Mike Huckabee is Running For President

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An email from Mike Huckabee to his in his inner circle appears to confirm that he will be running for president in 2012. Huckabee wrote, “I expect that once I pull the trigger Saturday night, things will get even crazier, as if that’s possible.”

Here is the email via The Page:

Tomorrow night (Saturday) I will announce the next step in my plans for 2012 during my show on the Fox News Channel. I would like to be able to call you or email you personally and in advance of the announcement, but due to the fact that the decision was not finalized until today and that I committed to Fox that I will absolutely not release it prior to doing so on the channel, that became impractical.

A lot of information and speculation was already rampant in the press today, and it frankly isn’t fair to you to tell you the details and then put you in the awkward position of saying you didn’t know (which at that point wouldn’t be true) or saying you did know, but couldn’t reveal or discuss it.

It was this afternoon before I could even get word to all of my own children and even now, the executive producer of my show and the staff and crew of the show don’t know and won’t until I actually do the final preparation literally minutes before I share the decision live Saturday night.

I will look forward to speaking with you soon and once I fulfill my sworn obligation to Fox, I will be free to discuss things that I can’t now due to promises to them and to some possible legal considerations of the announcement.

Many friends have said, “how can we help you in the decision?” My answer has consistently been, “Pray that I have clarity.” I have it and will share it Saturday night during the show. Please be patient if I don’t respond immediately to an email because I expect that once I pull the trigger Saturday night, things will get even crazier, as if that’s possible.

Huckabee is strongly hinting at what almost everyone in the world already knew. He’s running. Of course he couldn’t come out and say as much in his email to his inner circle, or Fox would have to suspend him immediately, which would mean that he couldn’t use his FNC show to make his big announcement on national television.

Mike Huckabee is still the same flawed candidate that he was in 2008. The only change seems to be Huck’s voyages into pop culture with his attacks on Superman’s citizenship and the Flintstones in Afghanistan. Huckabee is polling well for two reasons. 1) His 2008 campaign gave him name recognition. 2) This is such a weak field that a candidate with strong but narrow base of support can do well in the 2012 GOP primary race.

The entry of Mike Huckabee into the race was largely expected, and shouldn’t cause Obama to lose a minute of sleep. Huckabee will run strong with the evangelicals and social conservatives that he did well with in 2008, but he will struggle to gain support within the rest of the GOP, and the country at large. However in a field as historically bad as this one is, Huckabee’s support among social conservatives might be enough to carry him to the nomination.

He could always change his mind between now and when he goes on the air at 8 PM, it certainly looks like Mike Huckabee is about to toss his hat into the ring for 2012.

Update: Huckabee announced tonight that he will not run for president, which closes his 2012 circle of vacillation.

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