With Huckabee Out, The Next In Line for the Fundie Vote is Sarah Palin

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Conservatives for Palin is rejoicing for the same reason some of you now have a dark cloud of fear hanging over your Saturday night. The fundie vote is up for grabs now that Huckabee is out and the second in line candidate is Sarah Palin. Yes, that’s right. Sarah Blood Libel Palin.

One day years ago, after the sportscaster fill-in job didn’t work out, a young Sarah Palin told a friend she wanted to be President one day. Today she wants it so bad she chokes on her own bitterness every time she has to say “Obama”. Palin has still not managed to disguise her anger and pettiness; it seeps through the hockey mom persona, visible in the curl of her lip and the jab of her accusatory fingers.

As always with Sarah, nothing she does makes any sense, leaving the pundits in the dark about her 2012 intentions. For example, it doesn’t look like she has a machine ready to run. She just parted ways with Scheunemann, her foreign policy adviser and only holdover from the McCain “Straight Talk Express” days, and is now palling around with Peter Schweizer, a fellow at the Hoover Institution and a former Brietbart blogger slash foreign policy adviser. Plus, we all know Palin doesn’t like to work. She quit her job, after all.

But she quit her job as citizen watchdog on the Energy Commission and used that to propel herself to the Governor’s mansion eventually. Who knew that quitting could be a stepping-stone? But in Sarah Palin’s case, it has been.

Sarah has ignored the advice of nearly every adviser out there, from Roger Ailes to Steve Schmidt and her polls reflect this. Palin is prone to paranoia and because of this, she doesn’t have many people she trusts. Or rather, there is no one she trusts.

Palin has made a seemingly endless stream of steady mistakes in the two and a half years since her powerful entrance to the national political scene. Through all of these transgressions, Palin has emerged relatively unscathed. Ironically the single largest thing that brought Palin down was her Blood Libel video. Americans loathe self-pity and Palin showed her propensity for it a little too clearly in that homage to her sense of victimhood and entitlement.

But she has kept a loyal following of far right conservatives and fundamentalists and given the way the Republican primaries work, Palin has a shot at winning her party’s nomination.

Palin is an enigma; she never governed like the rabid right winger she presents herself to be today on one hand – in fact, she was the most socialist governor we’ve had in a while – but on the other hand, she has always been a viciously competitive person who has never shied from using Evangelical siren calls of Jesus to further her ends. And Sarah Palin’s end is power.

You don’t get the kind of power Palin needs from being on Fox News or tweeting angry, illiterate tweets. Many say that if she were serious, she never would have done a reality TV show. Yet, her reality TV show was a transparent political ad from start to finish. The TV narrative of Palin as Reagan-esque hearty outdoorswoman who shoots guns and loves her family was poured on with the same dense thickness as the Myth of Sarah she sold in her first book, wherein she waxed poetic about robin egg’s skies, cotton candy, pretend angel wings and pro-life preciousness. All of life to Palin is a roll of quote of the day toilet paper wrapped in a flag. She doesn’t do subtle when she’s selling Sarah Palin (insert copyright here).

Palin does whatever she wants and so far, she’s made it work for her. Palin is way too ensconced in her entourage of security blankets to face the reality that a national campaign is different than a state campaign, particularly a state like Alaska where the unconventional is rewarded. And it doesn’t help that when Palin ran with McCain, she managed to successfully cow the press by demanding “deference” and refused to do interviews after her Couric and Gibson debacles. Yes, she believes she can run an entire campaign her way (hiding from a press she shames into acquiescence) and we will allow it.

She always said God would show her a way. With Huckabee out, it could very well look to her as if God is showing her the way.

Will she run?

No one but Palin knows the answer to that question, but anyone who thinks her bad polls and dislike of work will stop her doesn’t know Sarah Palin. Palin is ruthlessly ambitious and she believes that she is Queen Esther here to save America and turn it into a biblical country. Palin is a Dominionist and she has been told over and over again that she is the Chosen One. Her narcissism allows her to believe this unquestioningly and it mainlines her a steady drip of blind assurance that she can do it her way.

If Palin doesn’t run, it will be because her fear got the best of her. Palin is, after all, a coward of the highest order. She can’t face the press let alone opposition without her entourage of bullies to fight for her. As Mayor, Palin initiated a press black out and as Governor, she wasted state resources having aides write letters to the editor defending her. She’s a thin-skinned narcissist with relentless ambition. If you think she doesn’t want to be your President just so she can make you pay for anything mean you ever said about her, you don’t know Sarah Palin.

This wouldn’t be Palin’s first foray into a political abyss where she came out holding the prize. Luckily for us, the odds of her beating President Obama are slim to hopeless. But we must always remember Bush. And if memories of Bush frighten you, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Sarah Palin has been pegged as a daffy clown, but she is actually a dangerous, unstable and rather cruel person with a knack for abusing power. Sarah Palin said she wanted to be President so that the “Department of Law” could go after her enemies. She’s Nixon in heels, without the schooled intelligence but in a pretty, pre-branded package and she comes complete with a cult of followers who vote in Republican primaries.

No matter how satisfying it might seem to think of Palin losing to President Obama, a Palin candidacy will be bad for America. Sarah Palin is a wily, clever political animal who has successfully and deftly used fear and smear to avoid discussing serious issues in the past. Were she to run, she would spread poison and hate faster than a California brush fire. America certainly doesn’t need Sarah Palin’s boorish toxicity right now.

But we might get it anyway.

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