Imus Calls Glenn Beck a Creep Over Meghan McCain Vomit Stunt

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If you’ve ever wondered how low the right could go, you need look no further. We now have a quorum of clowns, lead by malignant narcissist Glenn Beck who pretended to vomit after seeing Meghan McCain’s naked shoulders in a PSA for skin cancer, being called out by “nappy-headed” Imus.

See video here courtesy of Media Matters:

Imus started off by saying, “Finally my buddy Glenn Beck turned into pretty much a creep by whaling on Meghan McCain which he should not have done. “ Imus defended Meghan by saying “she’s beautiful” but his side kick Bernard corrected Imus by saying, “That’s beside the point.” And it is.

Meghan McCain was making a PSA for skin cancer. Only toddlers proudly holding their pee-pees as if they were the only people on earth with one would find a skin cancer PSA fodder for demeaning sexual jokes. Would it have been OK if she weren’t beautiful?

All of this focus on a woman’s exterior, even in defense of her, is the problem. Glenn Beck is a malignant narcissist and that should be the subject of the discussion. This has nothing to do with Meghan, really. She is simply Beck’s latest target for his dangerously juvenile need to project his insecurities onto others.

Here’s the original offending Beck segment:

Beck: I’m ready to look at these seductive pictures of …It’s a weight loss thing. …When I look at that thing, I think, put some extra clothes on. Like lots of extra clothes…has she thought about a burqa, just to be extra safe. (blah, blah, insert locker room giggles here)

As the PSA plays, Beck “vomits” into a trashcan every time someone says “Meghan McCain”. The boys laugh about Meghan McCain being naked, making grade school snickers every time they say the word “naked” as if they just saw their first naked woman, suggesting sarcastically “I’m surprised you’re sick as luscious as that is….”

Glenn and his locker room pals thought they were being clever by sarcastically referring to Meghan as “luscious” but as Media Matters pointed out, on the following is posted: can view the video feed that was recorded live. It can be seen under the headline “Meghan McCain gets naked, Glenn vomits.” It’s accompanied by the following text:

Glenn’s certainly proven to be very sensitive. He cries all the time, he complains about his vegan diet, he whines about the temperature of the studio. But as far as we know, very little actually causes him to vomit — just look at how he handles all that crap he eats all day! But if anything could turn his stomach, it’s naked videos of Meghan McCain. “May I just say if you want to talk about essential, luscious, delicious, yummy, just… just a delectable appetizer for the main course, it would have to be Meghan McCain’s naked commercial. Oh. My stomach, hang on. I might have eaten something bad.”

After Beck pretended to vomit (oh, grown child of the right) into a trash bag at the sight of Meghan McCain’s shoulders while making “jokes” about her weight and suggesting she should wear a burqa to cover herself, Glenn was roundly taken down by Ms McCain herself, who suggested that Glenn ought to think of his own daughters before perpetrating sexist body issues for women.

Meghan’s mother Cindy got in a few good hits as well, writing on Twitter, “I’m so glad Glenn Beck is leaving Fox: Enough vitriol and hate. Glenn, you are no rodeo clown. They are decent and nice. You aren’t.”

One wonders where the sexist outrage was when Glenn was making the same jokes against First Lady Michelle Obama. Glenn saves his sexist remarks for those whose political ideology differs from his own. Since he is unable to have a discussion about ideas, he has to resort to the slobbering snipes of the perpetually unbedded youth.

I suspect if someone made the same jokes about Bristol Palin as Beck made about Meghan McCain, he would call it a caliphate and prophesize the end of the world due to liberal media bias, while he co-opted “feminism” to serve his patriarchal agenda. These ironies are over his head, though. Beck isn’t deliberately doing this; he’s simply so woefully ill-equipped for the world of grown ups that he can’t wade his way out of the shallow end even on his best days. By no means does this make him any less dangerous or poisonous. The lowest common denominator often inflicts great harm upon society.

Glenn Beck has spent over two years trying to sell American women on his version of “conservative feminism” via Sarah Palin. Conservative feminism appeals to grown men who act like little boys in a locker room and have actually somehow managed to convince themselves that women care what they think. Glenn Beck’s endorsement of conservative feminism would be a concern if in fact conservatives actually valued women as other than a piece of meat to be paraded around as beauty contestants even when they are ostensibly running for political office.

We know why Beck loves him some Palin; Sarah Palin complies with the game of sexual weaponry and she never challenges Beck’s position of authority. In other words, Palin makes Beck feel smart and so he likes her. Palin is the non-threatening woman all the boys on the Right can get behind. She doesn’t get mad when they make comments about how hot she is; she plays it for all it’s worth. After all, that’s all she has. You can see how this system works for all parties.

Glenn Beck is, among many things, a man long past his “prime” if indeed he ever had one. How he could even think he was fit to judge Meghan McCain is beyond me, but the real point isn’t exteriors – it’s interiors, it’s characters. And in the character department, Glenn Beck is a festering turd of month old dog shat being feasted on by maggots and flies who then propagate mini Becks in our nation’s enclaves of white supremacy.

I don’t quite buy into Meghan McCain’s Republicanism. Every time I listen to her, she espouses Democratic ideas and I wonder how long it will be until she faces the truth that she is not a Republican. However, it matters not whether she is a Republican, Democrat, liberal, or conservative. It doesn’t matter who her parents are. It doesn’t matter if she is rail skinny, average weight, or plump. None of that is relevant here. In fact, Glenn Beck would like us to spend our time defending Meghan McCain and calling him a sexist, because that would be a step up for him.

The fact of the matter is that Beck’s sexism masks his naked mental inadequacies. He’s a fearful little bugger who can’t make it alone in the world with his ideas, so he resorts to bullying via fake vomit stunts and name-calling. The fact that he would pick on Meghan’s supposedly vulnerable spot is par for the course for a bully. A rational person can see that Meghan is on her way in and Beck is on his way out, and this is really the reason for Beck’s cowardly air punches.

The only relevant thing to take away from this debacle of clowns folding in upon themselves is that Glenn Beck represents the worst of the far right. He has no class, no dignity, and no boundaries. He acts today like the same rebellious, inadequate youth he was long ago; the same drunk who couldn’t manage to finish a college class and ever since then has been projecting his woeful inadequacies upon the world. The fact that the Right has been defending him for so long and has chosen to be led by him should tell us everything we need to know about Glenn Beck and the far right conservative movement.

Glenn Beck might pretend to vomit when he sees the naked shoulders of Meghan McCain, but we all know Glenn Beck is shallow-end-talking-points vomit personified. Fox News chooses to impose vomit upon the American people so long as they can make money doing it. Fox didn’t reject Beck’s vomit, they rejected the vomit’s failure to be a cash cow.

Glenn Beck’s vomit is a loser in the free market. Even Imus thinks so now. The quorum of clowns is complete.

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