Obama Crushes Donald Trump In The Sunday Night Ratings Too

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Last night Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and it’s super sized prime time episode suffered a 23% drop in its ratings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “But, NBC’s three-hour telecast — which saw Star Jones and LaToya Jackson fired and NeNe Leakes quitting — didn’t fare so well: Celebrity Apprentice (7 million total viewers, 2.4 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic) was the lowest-rated spring telecast for the franchise, dipping 23 percent. Dateline (3.9 million, 0.8) served as a weak lead-in, down 33 percent. The Peacock placed fourth for the night in the key demo.”

FYI: Obama’s 60 Minutes interview almost doubled Trump with 13.8 million viewers,

As Joshua Green over at The Atlantic
pointed out almost two weeks ago the audience of Celebrity Apprentice is one of the most Democratic on television, and Donald Trump’s birther antics have caused liberal viewers to flee from his show. Trump has been steadily losing viewers for weeks now. The April 3 episode drew 9.3 million viewers. The next week Trump’s show fell to 8.2 million viewers, the week after that he fell to 7.8 million viewers, and now his three hour prime time mega show drew 7 million viewers.

If Trump is such a smart business man, why didn’t he know that his audience was full of Democrats? For this reason, the Donald Trump faux GOP presidential candidacy may turn out to be one of the dumbest publicity stunts of all time. Trump has carried out a negative publicity stunt that has resulted in fewer people watching his show. It takes a special brand of ineptitude to generate the level of national publicity that he has and actually hurt the very program that you are trying to publicize.

If George W. Bush and Sarah Palin mated:

Donald Trump would be their foul mouthed spawn.

Not only is Donald Trump the Republican least likely to ever be elected president, he has also managed to wreck the only venture that he has not pushed into bankruptcy, his reality TV show. It isn’t the boycotts or the protests that are wrecking Trump. He has done himself in by wallowing in the mud and slop of racism. Americans don’t like racists, and they certainly aren’t going to tune in every Sunday night to watch one on NBC.

Donald Trump is in the middle of an epic crash and burn all because he thought he could con some teabaggers into watching Celebrity Apprentice. Trump had three hours in prime time, and Obama doubled him up in a non-prime time time slot.

Barack Obama has been beating Donald Trump everywhere and last night, he even beat him on TV.

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