The U.S. House of Representatives Rapist’s Roll of Shame

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As you all know, on May 4, 2011, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the GOP’s anti-choice, pro-rape bill, H.R.3., the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” of which Muse wrote here the other day, “House Republicans forced a religious doctrine on the American people by passing the bill based solely on their belief in god.”

Legislating religion is of course a violation of the Constitution; Legislating rape and an attack on women is unconscionable violation of American decency. Every day for the past two years House Republicans have managed to reach new lows; with H.R. 3 it is difficult to imagine sinking any further into the sewer that is their imaginations.

H.R. 3 is supposed to be an anti-abortion bill, but it has a provision that says rape had to be “forced,” as if there can be any other kind of rape. It also brings the IRS into the war against women’s reproductive rights.  The avowed purpose is, of course, to prevent funding for abortions in cases of rape and incest. But as well as attacking abortion, H.R. 3 attacks women and supports rape. The prime agent of evil here is the primary sponsor of the bill, Chris Smith (R-NJ).

Since it seems a good thing to know who in Congress is a rape proponent (It’s the only way we can identify, hold accountable, and rid ourselves of them after all), offer the following list as a public service, the names of those (men and women alike) who voted along with Chris Smith (including 16 Democrats)  to legislate rape out of existence and to attack the constitutional rights of our mothers, sisters, and daughters:

These Representatives Voted for Rape These Representatives Voted Against Rape These Representatives Did Not Vote
Rep. Adams (R, FL)
Rep. Aderholt (R, AL)
Rep. Akin (R, MO)
Rep. Alexander (R, LA)
Rep. Altmire (D, PA)
Rep. Amash (R, MI)
Rep. Austria (R, OH)
Rep. Bachmann (R, MN)
Rep. Bachus (R, AL)
Rep. Barletta (R, PA)
Rep. Bartlett (R, MD)
Rep. Barton (R, TX)
Rep. Bass (R, NH)
Rep. Benishek (R, MI)
Rep. Berg (R, ND)
Rep. Biggert (R, IL)
Rep. Bishop (R, UT)
Rep. Black (R, TN)
Rep. Blackburn (R, TN)
Rep. Bonner (R, AL)
Rep. Bono Mack (R, CA)
Rep. Boren (D, OK)
Rep. Boustany (R, LA)
Rep. Brady (R, TX)
Rep. Brooks (R, AL)
Rep. Broun (R, GA)
Rep. Buchanan (R, FL)
Rep. Bucshon (R, IN)
Rep. Buerkle (R, NY)
Rep. Burgess (R, TX)
Rep. Burton (R, IN)
Rep. Calvert (R, CA)
Rep. Camp (R, MI)
Rep. Campbell (R, CA)
Rep. Canseco (R, TX)
Rep. Cantor (R, VA)
Rep. Capito (R, WV)
Rep. Carter (R, TX)
Rep. Cassidy (R, LA)
Rep. Chabot (R, OH)
Rep. Chaffetz (R, UT)
Rep. Coble (R, NC)
Rep. Coffman (R, CO)
Rep. Cole (R, OK)
Rep. Conaway (R, TX)
Rep. Costello (D, IL)
Rep. Cravaack (R, MN)
Rep. Crawford (R, AR)
Rep. Crenshaw (R, FL)
Rep. Critz (D, PA)
Rep. Cuellar (D, TX)
Rep. Culberson (R, TX)
Rep. Davis (R, KY)
Rep. Denham (R, CA)
Rep. Dent (R, PA)
Rep. DesJarlais (R, TN)
Rep. Diaz-Balart (R, FL)
Rep. Dold (R, IL)
Rep. Donnelly (D, IN)
Rep. Dreier (R, CA)
Rep. Duffy (R, WI)
Rep. Duncan (R, SC)
Rep. Duncan (R, TN)
Rep. Ellmers (R, NC)
Rep. Farenthold (R, TX)
Rep. Fincher (R, TN)
Rep. Fitzpatrick (R, PA)
Rep. Flake (R, AZ)
Rep. Fleischmann (R, TN)
Rep. Fleming (R, LA)
Rep. Flores (R, TX)
Rep. Forbes (R, VA)
Rep. Fortenberry (R, NE)
Rep. Foxx (R, NC)
Rep. Franks (R, AZ)
Rep. Frelinghuysen (R, NJ)
Rep. Gallegly (R, CA)
Rep. Gardner (R, CO)
Rep. Garrett (R, NJ)
Rep. Gerlach (R, PA)
Rep. Gibbs (R, OH)
Rep. Gibson (R, NY)
Rep. Gingrey (R, GA)
Rep. Gohmert (R, TX)
Rep. Goodlatte (R, VA)
Rep. Gosar (R, AZ)
Rep. Gowdy (R, SC)
Rep. Granger (R, TX)
Rep. Graves (R, GA)
Rep. Graves (R, MO)
Rep. Griffin (R, AR)
Rep. Griffith (R, VA)
Rep. Grimm (R, NY)
Rep. Guinta (R, NH)
Rep. Guthrie (R, KY)
Rep. Hall (R, TX)
Rep. Hanna (R, NY)
Rep. Harper (R, MS)
Rep. Harris (R, MD)
Rep. Hartzler (R, MO)
Rep. Hastings (R, WA)
Rep. Hayworth (R, NY)
Rep. Heck (R, NV)
Rep. Heller (R, NV)
Rep. Hensarling (R, TX)
Rep. Herger (R, CA)
Rep. Herrera (R, WA)
Rep. Holden (D, PA)
Rep. Huelskamp (R, KS)
Rep. Huizenga (R, MI)
Rep. Hultgren (R, IL)
Rep. Hunter (R, CA)
Rep. Hurt (R, VA)
Rep. Issa (R, CA)
Rep. Jenkins (R, KS)
Rep. Johnson (R, IL)
Rep. Johnson (R, OH)
Rep. Jones (R, NC)
Rep. Jordan (R, OH)
Rep. Kaptur (D, OH)
Rep. Kelly (R, PA)
Rep. Kildee (D, MI)
Rep. King (R, IA)
Rep. King (R, NY)
Rep. Kingston (R, GA)
Rep. Kinzinger (R, IL)
Rep. Kline (R, MN)
Rep. Labrador (R, ID)
Rep. Lamborn (R, CO)
Rep. Lance (R, NJ)
Rep. Landry (R, LA)
Rep. Lankford (R, OK)
Rep. Latham (R, IA)
Rep. LaTourette (R, OH)
Rep. Latta (R, OH)
Rep. Lewis (R, CA)
Rep. Lipinski (D, IL)
Rep. LoBiondo (R, NJ)
Rep. Long (R, MO)
Rep. Lucas (R, OK)
Rep. Luetkemeyer (R, MO)
Rep. Lummis (R, WY)
Rep. Lungren (R, CA)
Rep. Mack (R, FL)
Rep. Manzullo (R, IL)
Rep. Marchant (R, TX)
Rep. Marino (R, PA)
Rep. Matheson (D, UT)
Rep. McCarthy (R, CA)
Rep. McCaul (R, TX)
Rep. McClintock (R, CA)
Rep. McCotter (R, MI)
Rep. McHenry (R, NC)
Rep. McIntyre (D, NC)
Rep. McKeon (R, CA)
Rep. McKinley (R, WV)
Rep. McMorris Rodgers (R, WA)
Rep. Meehan (R, PA)
Rep. Mica (R, FL)
Rep. Miller (R, FL)
Rep. Miller (R, MI)
Rep. Miller (R, CA)
Rep. Mulvaney (R, SC)
Rep. Murphy (R, PA)
Rep. Myrick (R, NC)
Rep. Neugebauer (R, TX)
Rep. Noem (R, SD)
Rep. Nugent (R, FL)
Rep. Nunes (R, CA)
Rep. Nunnelee (R, MS)
Rep. Olson (R, TX)
Rep. Palazzo (R, MS)
Rep. Paul (R, TX)
Rep. Paulsen (R, MN)
Rep. Pearce (R, NM)
Rep. Pence (R, IN)
Rep. Peterson (D, MN)
Rep. Pitts (R, PA)
Rep. Platts (R, PA)
Rep. Poe (R, TX)
Rep. Pompeo (R, KS)
Rep. Posey (R, FL)
Rep. Price (R, GA)
Rep. Quayle (R, AZ)
Rep. Rahall (D, WV)
Rep. Reed (R, NY)
Rep. Rehberg (R, MT)
Rep. Reichert (R, WA)
Rep. Renacci (R, OH)
Rep. Ribble (R, WI)
Rep. Rigell (R, VA)
Rep. Rivera (R, FL)
Rep. Roby (R, AL)
Rep. Roe (R, TN)
Rep. Rogers (R, AL)
Rep. Rogers (R, KY)
Rep. Rogers (R, MI)
Rep. Rohrabacher (R, CA)
Rep. Rokita (R, IN)
Rep. Rooney (R, FL)
Rep. Roskam (R, IL)
Rep. Ros-Lehtinen (R, FL)
Rep. Ross (D, AR)
Rep. Ross (R, FL)
Rep. Royce (R, CA)
Rep. Runyan (R, NJ)
Rep. Ryan (R, WI)
Rep. Scalise (R, LA)
Rep. Schilling (R, IL)
Rep. Schmidt (R, OH)
Rep. Schock (R, IL)
Rep. Schweikert (R, AZ)
Rep. Scott (R, SC)
Rep. Scott (R, GA)
Rep. Sensenbrenner (R, WI)
Rep. Sessions (R, TX)
Rep. Shimkus (R, IL)
Rep. Shuler (D, NC)
Rep. Shuster (R, PA)
Rep. Simpson (R, ID)
Rep. Smith (R, NE)
Rep. Smith (R, NJ)
Rep. Smith (R, TX)
Rep. Southerland (R, FL)
Rep. Stearns (R, FL)
Rep. Stivers (R, OH)
Rep. Stutzman (R, IN)
Rep. Sullivan (R, OK)
Rep. Terry (R, NE)
Rep. Thompson (R, PA)
Rep. Thornberry (R, TX)
Rep. Tiberi (R, OH)
Rep. Tipton (R, CO)
Rep. Turner (R, OH)
Rep. Upton (R, MI)
Rep. Walberg (R, MI)
Rep. Walden (R, OR)
Rep. Walsh (R, IL)
Rep. Webster (R, FL)
Rep. West (R, FL)
Rep. Westmoreland (R, GA)
Rep. Whitfield (R, KY)
Rep. Wilson (R, SC)
Rep. Wittman (R, VA)
Rep. Wolf (R, VA)
Rep. Womack (R, AR)
Rep. Woodall (R, GA)
Rep. Yoder (R, KS)
Rep. Young (R, AK)
Rep. Young (R, FL)
Rep. Young (R, IN)
Rep. Ackerman (D, NY)
Rep. Andrews (D, NJ)
Rep. Baca (D, CA)
Rep. Baldwin (D, WI)
Rep. Barrow (D, GA)
Rep. Bass (D, CA)
Rep. Becerra (D, CA)
Rep. Berkley (D, NV)
Rep. Berman (D, CA)
Rep. Bishop (D, GA)
Rep. Bishop (D, NY)
Rep. Blumenauer (D, OR)
Rep. Boswell (D, IA)
Rep. Brady (D, PA)
Rep. Braley (D, IA)
Rep. Brown (D, FL)
Rep. Butterfield (D, NC)
Rep. Capps (D, CA)
Rep. Capuano (D, MA)
Rep. Cardoza (D, CA)
Rep. Carnahan (D, MO)
Rep. Carney (D, DE)
Rep. Carson (D, IN)
Rep. Castor (D, FL)
Rep. Chandler (D, KY)
Rep. Chu (D, CA)
Rep. Cicilline (D, RI)
Rep. Clarke (D, MI)
Rep. Clarke (D, NY)
Rep. Clay (D, MO)
Rep. Cleaver (D, MO)
Rep. Clyburn (D, SC)
Rep. Cohen (D, TN)
Rep. Connolly (D, VA)
Rep. Conyers (D, MI)
Rep. Cooper (D, TN)
Rep. Costa (D, CA)
Rep. Courtney (D, CT)
Rep. Crowley (D, NY)
Rep. Cummings (D, MD)
Rep. Davis (D, CA)
Rep. Davis (D, IL)
Rep. DeFazio (D, OR)
Rep. DeGette (D, CO)
Rep. DeLauro (D, CT)
Rep. Deutch (D, FL)
Rep. Dicks (D, WA)
Rep. Dingell (D, MI)
Rep. Doggett (D, TX)
Rep. Doyle (D, PA)
Rep. Edwards (D, MD)
Rep. Ellison (D, MN)
Rep. Engel (D, NY)
Rep. Eshoo (D, CA)
Rep. Farr (D, CA)
Rep. Fattah (D, PA)
Rep. Filner (D, CA)
Rep. Frank (D, MA)
Rep. Fudge (D, OH)
Rep. Garamendi (D, CA)
Rep. Gonzalez (D, TX)
Rep. Green (D, TX)
Rep. Green (D, TX)
Rep. Grijalva (D, AZ)
Rep. Gutierrez (D, IL)
Rep. Hanabusa (D, HI)
Rep. Hastings (D, FL)
Rep. Heinrich (D, NM)
Rep. Higgins (D, NY)
Rep. Himes (D, CT)
Rep. Hinchey (D, NY)
Rep. Hinojosa (D, TX)
Rep. Hirono (D, HI)
Rep. Holt (D, NJ)
Rep. Honda (D, CA)
Rep. Hoyer (D, MD)
Rep. Inslee (D, WA)
Rep. Israel (D, NY)
Rep. Jackson (D, IL)
Rep. Jackson (D, TX)
Rep. Johnson (D, GA)
Rep. Johnson (D, TX)
Rep. Keating (D, MA)
Rep. Kind (D, WI)
Rep. Kissell (D, NC)
Rep. Kucinich (D, OH)
Rep. Langevin (D, RI)
Rep. Larsen (D, WA)
Rep. Larson (D, CT)
Rep. Lee (D, CA)
Rep. Levin (D, MI)
Rep. Lewis (D, GA)
Rep. Loebsack (D, IA)
Rep. Lofgren (D, CA)
Rep. Lowey (D, NY)
Rep. Luján (D, NM)
Rep. Lynch (D, MA)
Rep. Maloney (D, NY)
Rep. Markey (D, MA)
Rep. Matsui (D, CA)
Rep. McCarthy (D, NY)
Rep. McCollum (D, MN)
Rep. McDermott (D, WA)
Rep. McGovern (D, MA)
Rep. McNerney (D, CA)
Rep. Meeks (D, NY)
Rep. Michaud (D, ME)
Rep. Miller (D, NC)
Rep. Miller (D, CA)
Rep. Moore (D, WI)
Rep. Moran (D, VA)
Rep. Murphy (D, CT)
Rep. Nadler (D, NY)
Rep. Napolitano (D, CA)
Rep. Neal (D, MA)
Rep. Olver (D, MA)
Rep. Owens (D, NY)
Rep. Pallone (D, NJ)
Rep. Pascrell (D, NJ)
Rep. Pastor (D, AZ)
Rep. Payne (D, NJ)
Rep. Pelosi (D, CA)
Rep. Perlmutter (D, CO)
Rep. Peters (D, MI)
Rep. Pingree (D, ME)
Rep. Polis (D, CO)
Rep. Price (D, NC)
Rep. Quigley (D, IL)
Rep. Rangel (D, NY)
Rep. Reyes (D, TX)
Rep. Richardson (D, CA)
Rep. Richmond (D, LA)
Rep. Rothman (D, NJ)
Rep. Roybal-Allard (D, CA)
Rep. Ruppersberger (D, MD)
Rep. Rush (D, IL)
Rep. Ryan (D, OH)
Rep. Sanchez (D, CA)
Rep. Sánchez (D, CA)
Rep. Sarbanes (D, MD)
Rep. Schakowsky (D, IL)
Rep. Schiff (D, CA)
Rep. Schrader (D, OR)
Rep. Schwartz (D, PA)
Rep. Scott (D, VA)
Rep. Scott (D, GA)
Rep. Serrano (D, NY)
Rep. Sewell (D, AL)
Rep. Sherman (D, CA)
Rep. Sires (D, NJ)
Rep. Slaughter (D, NY)
Rep. Smith (D, WA)
Rep. Speier (D, CA)
Rep. Stark (D, CA)
Rep. Sutton (D, OH)
Rep. Thompson (D, CA)
Rep. Thompson (D, MS)
Rep. Tierney (D, MA)
Rep. Tonko (D, NY)
Rep. Towns (D, NY)
Rep. Tsongas (D, MA)
Rep. Van (D, MD)
Rep. Velázquez (D, NY)
Rep. Visclosky (D, IN)
Rep. Walz (D, MN)
Rep. Wasserman (D, FL)
Rep. Waters (D, CA)
Rep. Watt (D, NC)
Rep. Waxman (D, CA)
Rep. Weiner (D, NY)
Rep. Welch (D, VT)
Rep. Wilson (D, FL)
Rep. Woolsey (D, CA)
Rep. Wu (D, OR)
Rep. Yarmuth (D, KY)
Rep. Bilbray (R, CA)
Rep. Bilirakis (R, FL)
Rep. Emerson (R, MO)
Rep. Giffords (D, AZ)
Rep. Johnson (R, TX)
Rep. Petri (R, WI)

Source: NARAL Pro-Choice America

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