Conservative Media Bias: Bush Officials Outnumber Obama 6 to 1 On Sunday Shows

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The Sunday morning talk shows are fully embracing their conservative media bias by celebrating the one week anniversary of the death of Bin Laden with shows chocked full of Republican guests.

Here is this week’s Sunday talk show guest line up by program:

Meet the Press (NBC): Tom Donilon, Michael Chertoff, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Hayden

Fox News Sunday (Fox): Tom Donilon, Dick Cheney

This Week (ABC): Tom Donilon, Condoleeza Rice, Husain Haqqani. Panel: Liz Cheney, Tom Ricks, Lawrence Wright

Face the Nation (CBS): Sen. Kerry, Donald Rumsfeld

State of the Union (CNN): Tom Donilon, Sen. Lugar, Anita Dunn, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Tom Davis

Do you notice anything odd about that guest list? The Sunday morning talk shows are going to feature, Bush’s former, Sec. of Homeland Security (Chertoff), Bush’s former CIA director (Hayden), Bush’s former vice president (Cheney), Sec. of Defense (Rumsfeld), Bush’s former Sec of State (Rice), and former Deputy Asst. Sec of State (Liz Cheney). Other Republicans on the shows will be Tom Davis, Rudy Giuliani, and Dick Luger.

The current members of the Obama administration featured on the Sunday morning shows total one Obama’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon. Anita Dunn and John Kerry are the only two other Democrats that will be featured.

There will be more authors on the Sunday morning talk shows (2, Ricks and Wright) than there will be Obama administration officials (1, Donilon).

What do Democrats have to do to get booked on the Sunday morning talk shows? A Democratic president got Osama Bin Laden, and the media spends Sunday morning talking with six members of the previous administration that failed to get the job done. These are the same people who gave up looking for Bin Laden, and let him live in luxury in Pakistan. Yet the mainstream media has decided to mark the occasion by hosting Dick Cheney and a roster full of Bush administration officials.


The answer is conservative media bias. Even if all of those Republicans go on the Sunday shows and lavish praise on President Obama, which they won’t do, their very presence is reinforcing the bogus notion that the GOP is the party of national security. There is no reason for the networks to fill their first shows after the death of Bin Laden with Republicans.

Why are Dick and Liz Cheney on the air instead of the Director of the CIA, or experts on the Navy SEALS? The networks are giving these former Bush administration officials unopposed airtime with which to push both their bogus justifications of torture, and give themselves credit for death of Bin Laden. The networks aren’t trying to be balanced, their shows, and I am looking at you Meet The Press, have turned into nothing more than Sunday morning GOP infomericals.

Conservative media bias is the reason why Christine Amanpour sat quietly by and let Franklin Graham deliver a soliloquy of bitherism during the Easter Sunday edition of This Week. Conservative media bias is why the biggest protests in the country this year (Wisconsin) were ignored while every Tea Party sigh gets cut to live.

There is no such thing as liberal media bias. Any liberalism in the media died when our news gathering and reporting apparatus became corporatized and profitized. The media is now run by conservatives for the purpose of presenting the conservative narrative.

President Obama got Osama Bin Laden and the Sunday morning talk shows will celebrate by holding a party for the Bush administration. Obama may have gotten Osama, but the Sunday morning talk shows are going to do their best to make sure Bush gets all the credit.

Welcome to the seedy never discussed underbelly of conservative media bias.

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