Yabba Dabba Doh: Mike Huckabee Compares Afghanistan To The Flintstones

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Mike Huckabee was on Fox News today talking about Afghanistan when he put his foot in his mouth and compared the country to The Flintstones.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Huckabee was asked if he supported Obama’s Afghanistan troop draw down, and he answered, “I think at some point we can’t stay in Afghanistan forever. Nobody’s been able to do it. Nobody whether it’s the Soviets. It virtually wiped them out. It is a very tough environment. I have been there, and I came away saying my gosh, I feel like I am in the land of the Flintstones. I’ve never seen anything so primitive this side of the surface of the moon, and it’s tribal.”

Huckabee indicated that he agreed with Obama on getting out of Afghanistan, “Well I think at some point, we can’t build Afghanistan into a 21st, we can’t even build it into an 18th Century country. It’s that primitive, and for us to think that we are going to make some Western modern culture out of it, we’re not. If we can just do what we can to tamp down on the Taliban and any al-Qaeda circuitry there that’s what we need to hope for. And then maintain some type of capacity to go in surgically and deal with cells of terror, but we can not be there for the rest of their existence or ours.”

Did Mike Huckabee suggest that we should cut and run from Afghanistan? I wonder how all those flag waving pro-war neo-con Republican patriots are going to react to that? Comparing Afghanistan to the Flintstones is not something that a serious presidential candidate, especially one that is at the top of his party’s polling, should ever do.

Let’s say Mike Huckabee gets elected President. What is going to happen when he has to sit down with the Afghan political leadership and explain why he called their country more primitive than the surface of the moon, claimed they are stuck in the 17th Century, and compared them to cavemen. How well do you that conversation is going to over? These kinds of comments lead me to believe that either Mike Huckabee isn’t running for president, or he has done nothing to fix his gaffe issues that have plagued him since he ran for president in 2008.

Beneath the Christian elitism and the gaffes, Huckabee does make a solid point. The US military presence in Afghanistan is not sustainable. It is going to have to end someday. I don’t believe the point is to build Afghanistan into some western country. I think the mission there is to build a stable government that will not allow the Taliban to return to power.

The problem with getting out of Afghanistan completely is that if the Taliban return to power the nation will revert back to being a haven for terrorism. Afghanistan presents a tricky, and almost impossible situation for any president to handle. Even Huckabee believed that US is going to have to maintain some type of military presence in Afghanistan.

But does America really need a president who can’t go 5 minutes without tripping over some sort of pop culture land mine?

Mike Huckabee’s problem is that he can come off as too much of a goofball to ever be taken seriously. Sometimes, Huck seems to have a hard time getting out the way of his own mouth. The result being that when it comes to 2012, voters may find themselves telling Mike Huckabee, yabba dabba don’t.

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