Tea Party Nation Lost in a Sea of Stupidity Without a Compass

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We’ve seen Tea Partiers and Republicans scrambling to make sense of the post-bin Laden era. Some say Obama was lucky. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck have reacted in predictable fashion:  both are on the brand new bin Laden conspiracy kick. Conservatives have shown once again that when one of them drives over the cliff, the others follow as quickly as possible. No lunacy is to be avoided. The one thing that cannot be allowed is admitting our first black president could have done something right.

Judson Philips, the Nashville attorney who founded the run-for-profit astroturf movement known as the Tea Party Nation, is quick to claim that killing a man the Bush administration failed for 10 years to capture or kill, proves that the Obama administration is incompetent. I guess from his perspective then winning a case in court proves the winning attorney incompetent. I wonder if he puts that on his business cards.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Philips’ first attempt to discredit Obama revolved around the accusation of grandstanding. Yes, President Obama waited until he really needed a boost towards Election Day 2012 to knock off the terrorist leader.

Not only did Obama commit the sin of announcing bin Laden’s death during Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice (I mean, shouldn’t we be thanking Obama for any interruption of that experience?) but when the deed was done he failed to completely arouse the hatred of Muslims around the world by wrapping his corpse in pig fat. And here we thought President Bush had done all he could to arouse the ire of the Islamic world.

What Philips’ rant amounts to is a hate-filled rant about on a par with those of Bryan Fischer, covered here yesterday:

It took almost ten years, but Osama is dead. That is the good news.

The bad news is Obama is going to do what most politicians do, especially the liberal politicians. He is going to take credit for something that not only he had little to do with, but had we actually listened to him, the event never would have happened.

What should have happened, which would not happen under the Obama regime and to be fair, the Bush administration was too politically correct to do this either, but Osama’s body should have not been immediately buried. We should have told everyone that the body was wrapped in pig fat before burial.


It is not just the visceral insult. It is sending a message. Contrary to what the politically correct say, Osama does represent the mainstream of Islam. By defiling the body, we say that you are not getting your 72 virgins. This should be the policy we have with every Islamic terrorist we capture. If you die, we are going to deny you paradise. If we capture you, we are going to feed you nothing but pork until you talk.

Obama is taking credit for this. He did give the order. Did he really have a choice? If word leaked out that he had solid intelligence on where Bin Laden was and did not act, it would have killed any chance he had at reelection. Of course, he made his announcement right in the middle of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” show. Of course, that was just a coincidence.

You’d think if this were true that the day before Election Day would have been the time to act, or perhaps the day before the New Hampshire primary?

But back to successfully assassinating the mastermind of the WTC attack.

Apparently it’s President Obama’s fault that right-wing lunatics like Philips himself (Palin and Beck anyone?) are creating conspiracy theories about bin Laden’s death. What a screw up our president is to fail to realize this! How did he get elected? Philips says Obama has “managed to totally FUBAR the situation.”

Gosh, you have to hate a president who can be responsible for cognitive dissonance in the ranks of his opponents, don’t ya?

Of course, Philips says he doesn’t himself buy into the conspiracies but it’s President Obama’s fault they’ve come up in the first place:

To err is human but to really screw things up, you need talent the caliber of the Obama regime.

Right, because he managed to do what the Bush administration failed to do for eight years…

They have managed to take what should have been a celebration of victory and make it almost anything but. Americans celebrated the death of our archenemy. Obama looked like he was seriously inconvenienced. Did he even smile one time when he was making the speech?

Oh…right…he was supposed to look like Bush, because he was so presidential.

Now that Team Obama has managed to totally FUBAR the situation, theories of all kinds are running through the Internet.

Gosh, Judson, where have you been since 2008? When is there a day lunatics like you aren’t saying something incredibly stupid and untrue about our president?

There is a truism in life. The simplest explanation is most likely the correct explanation.

Glad to hear you say that! So you admit that it’s all the fault of the GOP and the Tea Party?

The simplest explanation is, forty-eight hours ago; Seal Team Six from the United States Navy blew away the most wanted fugitive in the world.

The simplest explanation is also that there is not a thing in the world that Obama and his regime cannot screw up. Team Obama is very good at running a campaign. When it comes to actually running a government, they are an epic fail.

There is a serious lack of logic here…because Obama succeeded in doing what Bush could not, Obama is the incompetent one? Not only did President Bush fail to send in the special forces to capture bin Laden at Tora Bora in the winter of 2001 but his administration failed to pull the trigger on an opportunity to nab the al Qaeda leadership in Waziristan in 2005 based on the excuse that sending in the special forces might have destabilized Bush-supported Pakistani dictator Musharraf. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that Republicans didn’t really want to win the war on terror and they’re now a little upset that a Democrat has taken a real step toward accomplishing that goal.

After all, you can’t rule through fear if somebody goes and takes the cause for fear away.

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