Scott Walker Begins His Two-Faced Too-Late Goodwill Tour

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is gonna win your hearts back after stealing your rights and he’s going to do it by handing out employee recognition awards like you see hanging in Burger King.

I know, right?

Who wouldn’t want to give up their collective bargaining rights to get a pat on the back from an approving big daddy?

Walker says that his new State Employee Recognition awards program is his way of saying “thanks” for the hard work and dedication of state workers and to “highlight the most outstanding employees with recognition.”

Just in case you thought Walker’s PR goodwill tour might represent second thoughts or a conscience, Walker has just appointed James R. Scott as the new commissioner and chairman of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC), which handles disputes between labor and management. James just so happens to be a union busting lawyer whose law firm website says, “Since our founding, we have aggressively represented our non-represented clients in pursuit of their goal to maintain a non-union status in furtherance of these goals.”

James seems perfect since the WERC’s agency responsibility according to their website involves promoting collective bargaining: The Employment Relations Commission promotes collective bargaining and peaceful labor relations in the private and public sectors. The WERC will handle disputes that were previously covered under contract provisions.

And if you’re wondering if Walker is done decimating labor yet, the answer is not really. Walker also gave himself the right to appoint the legal head of the WERC, along with the right to turn 50% of the civil service jobs in affected agencies into political appointees according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau. These appointees will serve Walker and owe their jobs to him.

Commenting on the number of civil service jobs that Walker is politicizing, Bob Jambois general counsel, said he agreed with some of Walker’s decisions, but thought the top legal position of the WERC should definitely not be a political appointee. Journal Sentinel online reported:

Jambois said he did see one state agency where the general counsel should be insulated from politics – the top legal job at the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission. That agency, headed up by three commissioners appointed by the governor to staggered six-year terms, handles union bargaining disputes and oversees state labor laws – the focus of most of the controversy over Walker’s recently passed legislation.

Walker’s 2011-’13 budget bill would also make the agency’s general counsel, now a civil-service position, into a political appointment.
“That is one that absolutely should be a civil-service position,” Jambois said. “The WERC has to stand up to the governor on occasion, and the general counsel has had to stand up to the commission on occasion.”

We can’t have anyone standing up to Walker. That’s not how he rolls. He has to take away collective bargaining rights under the guise of a fiscal emergency and then appoint someone who spent his career dismantling unions to hear any labor complaints. Gee, this should go well.

To sum up Wisconsin under Walker, if you don’t fight daddy or ask for anything or remind him of your rights as a human being, you might one day get an award for being a good FitzWalkerstan serf. This is apparently the Republican version of freedom.

Hey, if you do happen to catch Scotty’s eye and he hands you an award instead of offering you an $81,500 job for drinking a lot (this is the distance between unions and being a lobbyist’s son under a “fiscal conservative”), consider selling Scotty’s condescending pat on the back on Ebay under Hubris & Hypocrisy. After all, a person has to make money somehow under a Republican and if you’re unwilling to sleep with one of them and you don’t have a daddy who can donate big dollars to buy you a job, well, you’re outta luck….Something about “shared sacrifices”.

I fear Scotty is foolish enough to think that this award will make him appear a man of the people and engender good will amongst the serfs whose rights he has just dismantled. Mission Accomplished, Walker. And I mean that in the strictly Republican way.

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