Flashback: Obama Campaign Promise: ‘We Will Kill Bin Laden’ – Video

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Flashback: Obama in 2008: ‘We Will Kill Bin Laden, We Will Crush Al Qaeda’

President Barack Obama: Keeping his word for two years running and getting the job done. Republicans cringing as their mocking Obama’s Pakistan strategy comes back to bite them in the bottom but luckily for them, their base don’t do facts. Drill, baby, drill.

As the intel comes out, we learn that the intelligence used in the Obama Osama killing was new intelligence, gathered last fall and did not come from torture. The Republicans just can’t stand it. They have to change reality to suit their policies instead of adjusting their policies to fit reality.

Eisenhower Republicans would run screaming from the modern day GOP. This is just shameful, unpatriotic behavior.

Here’s the President making a campaign promise and explaining his strategy in 2008. He has kept this promise as well as shown some major guts and a spine of steel.

Then the President had Osama buried with respect to the Islamic faith and no, he didn’t don a cowboy hat and talk tough while hiding out with My Pet Goat.

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