Republicans Say Obama Has Dumb Luck

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I knew it wouldn’t take long, but the GOP is already down playing the role our Commander In Chief and President, Barack Obama played in the killing of Osama Bin Laden. They just can’t seem to wrap their infantile heads around the possibility that Obama played a STRATEGIC role in this mission.

Obama is the Commander In Chief and he along with his top military adviser formulated a plan that ultimately led to Bin Laden’s death. Some of his top advisers actually said Obama didn’t take some of their advice and the decision he made was the right one. According to Fox News

President Obama sought and reviewed several options, with not all his advisers in agreement on the best course of action, sources familiar with the mission told Fox Business.

A small group on Obama’s national security team worked on a daily basis on possible responses after U.S. intelligence services got a break in tracking bin Laden’s courier and determined in August the terror leader could be living at the compound in Abbottabad.

One option was a bombing mission, something Obama decided against at a National Security Council meeting March 29 because of the possibility of collateral damage, since the compound was in a residential neighborhood, the sources said.

Obama eventually settled on a Navy SEALs mission, though there was at least one other option, one that the sources wouldn’t discuss but that may have included a Predator drone strike.

With the SEALs mission, Obama was worried that retired Pakistan military officers who lived in the neighborhood could recognize the sound of helicopters approaching, sources said. Some advisers did not favor the SEALs mission, worrying that as intelligence services gathered more information for such a mission they increased the risk of being detected.

Despite these risks, at a national security meeting on Friday morning, the president said “it’s a go,” authorizing the mission commander to determine the “optimal conditions” for conducting the operation, such as weather. When the commander decided to proceed on Saturday, Obama talked to him for 12 minutes that morning before telling him “Godspeed,”

On Sunday, as they waited for word of how the mission was going, the president was “steady,” sources said, describing him as not showing a lot of emotion throughout the process, even when hearing the military code signaling that bin Laden had been killed.

Now the Republican think this is luck? It sounds like a Commander who has a good sense of strategy, not dumb luck, sort of saying, “look what I found”.

Being reported in the Boston Herald, The President “kind of got lucky,” said Washington Republican consultant John Feehery. “This is one discrete event.”

Sorry guys, but I just see the GOP as “losers” and jealous in this event. They would not be saying ANY of this “dumb luck” propaganda if their guy was in the White House. In fact they would have propped him up on their shoulders and paraded him around the Country as a War Hero. They would be saying he was tough on national security and he deserves re-election just on this premise.

The GOP can not say they are the BEST in keeping America safe any longer. They can not use national security as a rallying point for votes.

A Democrat caught the rat and kept us safe. A Democrat did the hard work and dissemination of information in order to make the call to eliminate our enemies.

So now that the GOP can no longer use national security and FEAR as a “get out the vote” mission, they will now down-play the event as a crap shoot and that is truly un-American and disgusting.

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