Bryan Fischer Says Muslims are Parasites Who Must Convert or Die

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"The Jew as World Parasite"

(This is the first of two articles appearing this morning about Bryan Fischer. The second will deal with Fischer’s rhetoric where Osama bin Laden and Islam as a religion of peace are concerned. This first article was written immediately before the death of bin Laden but was put on hold by that event. It remains applicable and is therefore posted here – Hrafnkell)

Go ahead, say it: Godwin’s Law. Get it out of your system now because I’ve got something to say to you and I’m going to keep saying it as long as it needs to be said.

Some people protest the use of Nazi comparisons when talking about right-wing Christofascist rhetoric (or even the use of the term “Christofascism”). I don’t myself believe in frivolous comparisons in order to ratchet up fear and revulsion or to garner notoriety, but when such comparisons are apt they should not be shied away from at the risk of offending delicate sensibilities. Facts are facts however unwelcome they might be and  the truth is that conservative rhetoric more and more resembles the National Socialist discourse of the 20s and 30s. Bryan Fischer is a case in point.

For the ultra-bigoted Bryan Fischer, High Priest of Hate of the American Family Association, Muslims should either convert to Christianity or die:

The only thing that will give us a shot at building a democracy in an Islamic land is a mass conversion of its people to biblical Christianity. So that means if we want to see freedom come to those darkened, benighted lands, we should be sending missionaries in right after we send in the Marines to neutralize whatever threat has been raised against the United States. So we say to them, look, if you don’t want our missionaries, fine, that’s your choice, we’ll take our missionaries and our Marines, we’ll take them home, but we’re gonna let you know we have no hesitation about returning with lethal force if the forces in your country threaten us again. This time it’s Marines and missionaries, next time it’ll be Marines and missiles.

"The Jewish spirit undermines the healthy powers of the German people."

This is language once used against Jews, then turned against Muslims as well in the Crusades, and now employed again: convert or die.

But Fischer doesn’t stop there: He is now also on the record as condemning Muslim Student Associations on college campuses, labeling them (in the best Nazi-speak) “parasites” and “a toxic cancer” that will destroy. Fischer’s McCarthy-esque solution is to plant government spies in all of them:

So we are inviting to America students, Muslims students, to come to our campuses, to set up – we’re giving them the complete freedom to form these Muslim Student Association groups whose agenda is dedicated to destroy the host country. They’re like parasites that eventually destroy the life and the health and the body of the host organism, just eat it alive like a toxic cancer that just eats away at the inside.

That’s exactly what these MSA, these Muslim Student Associations groups, are and if we learned anything our friends across the pond it’s that these university campuses are dangerous places for Islamic extremism. We ought to have spies, we ought to have infiltrators in every single one of those MSA groups because every one of those is just a recruiting center for jihadism and probably a training center.

This is right out of the National Socialist playbook, almost word for word, with Muslims rather than Jews as the parasites, the United States and not Germany as the infected host organism. And ironically enough, it’s also anti-Semitism, as many Muslims are Semitic.

Here are Hitler’s words:

“We were also those who, for the first time, made major efforts to explain to the people a danger that had crept up on us, and which millions of people did not recognize, even though it threatened to ruin us all: the danger of the Jews.”

If you substitute Muslims for Jews, you have something Fischer or any of a number of our other Christofascists have said at one time or another.

In The Jew as World Parasite (1943), G.G. Otto virtually reproduces Fischer’s language (read more here):

The National Socialist worldview has in recent years opened the eyes of the greater part of our people to this problem. The German people has recognized that the Jew has crept in like a parasite not only into our people, but into all the peoples of the earth, and that it is attempting to corrupt the original racial characteristics of the peoples in order to destroy them both racially and as states, and thereby rule over them.

Outrage should be directed not at the employment of Nazi comparisons but at the use of Nazi rhetoric that demands the comparison be made. It is at Fischer and his ilk this outrage should be directed, not at those of us who bother to notice what’s going on. Citing “Godwin’s Law” is often just a method of avoidance – avoidance of a very difficult and emotionally laden topic. It’s time to stop crying about infractions of Godwin’s Law and to start crying about the shame of modern American fascism.

Justice demands it.




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