Rush Limbaugh Breitbarts Himself With Fake Obama Praise

May 02 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Many people smelled a rat when Rush Limbaugh gushed praise at Obama for the killing of Bin Laden, and they were right. Later Limbaugh read quotes from the stories about his praise of Obama and laughed at the media who reported it.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Ok, full disclosure time. I used the title, “Rush Limbaugh Gushes That Obama Singlehandedly Brought Down Bin Laden,” just for the headline. In my story I ran a second clip after the first, which was Limbaugh being his same old self and criticizing Obama’s motives for wanting to get Bin Laden.

I had my doubts, but it was fun to Breitbart/Sean Hannity Rush Limbaugh. Just think that from now until the end of time when someone searches for Rush Limbaugh and Bin Laden’s death, they are going to get all of these stories about how Limbaugh praised Obama.

Case in point CNN’s headline: Limbaugh: Thank God For President Obama. Only after you click on the link, do you find out that Limbaugh was critiquing Obama. I wonder if Rush thought this through before he went on the air.

Maybe Rush doesn’t understand the Internet, but this is not a good thing. Through his own ignorance, Rush Limbaugh has just given all of his critics all the ammo they will ever need to take him out of context and smack him on the head. Just as he and his right wing media cohorts do to Obama every single day.

Smooth move, Limbaugh.

You just Breitbarted yourself.

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