Mike Huckabee Attacks Superman For Renouncing His Citizenship

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Mike Huckabee showed what kind of presidential candidate he is going to be by going on Fox News and attacking Superman for renouncing his citizenship. Huckabee said, “It is disturbing that Superman who has always been an American icon is now saying I’m not going to be a citizen.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

When asked about Superman renouncing his citizenship, Mike Huckabee said, “Well it is a comic book, but, it is disturbing that Superman who has always been an American icon is now saying I’m not going to be a citizen. I think it’s a part of a bigger trend of Americans almost apologizing for being Americans.

Huckabee invoked the George W. Bush they hate us for our freedoms shtick, “Here’s the point that I think we need to make from a policy standpoint, this idea that if we quit being so American our enemies will love us. What kind of idiocy is that? That’s not going to make them love us more. They don’t hate us just because we are Americans. They hate us because we represent everything they consider to be horrible, individual freedom, individual responsibility, a sense in which we have liberties that are not confined to somebody else’s idea of what we ought to be doing with our every moment of every day.”

He then blasted Superman and DC for what he called the globalist trend, and claimed the he would not be buying the 900th issue of Superman, “I’m not, and I’ll tell you I’m disturbed by this whole globalist trend. You know what I think we ought to be teaching young Americans that they’re young Americans. That it means something to be an American…I’m tired of kids of kids coming up with this attitude that there is something horrible about this country. There’s something great about this country, and we ought not to make ourselves think that we would be better off if we lost our borders. We lost our identity, and we became some part of a great big stew pot of idiocy where we forgot that we are the greatest country on earth because of who we are, not in spite of it.”

Does Mike Huckabee realize that Superman is literally an illegal alien? His parents weren’t born in this country, yet they snuck their child across our borders in the hope that he could have a better life. (This was due to the fact that his home planet was about to explode, but that’s a minor detail).

Superman was the ultimate anchor baby.

If Huckabee would apply the Republican ideology to Superman, he would say that The Man of Steel is actually taking jobs away from American born superheroes, like Batman and Spiderman. Superman is an illegal. Did Superman ever apply for citizenship? I don’t know, and let’s not even get started on the birth certificate issue.

If anybody out there still thinks that Mike Huckabee is not running for the Republican nomination, think again. Huckabee’s base is the religious right. This attack on Superman, which also tried to appeal to neo-cons, immigrant bashers, and tea partiers was a stump speech. Huckabee knows that if he has to revive the culture wars if he is going to have any chance of winning the Republican nomination.

Sure he sounds like a reactionary fool, but his base composed of reactionary fools who think that George W. Bush was a better president than Obama.

Mike Huckabee and those who believe that they hate us for our freedoms don’t get that they hate us because under George W. Bush our foreign policy violated every freedom that we supposedly stood for. We invaded Iraq so that we could take their oil and impose our definition of freedom on them. We opened up secret prisons and tortured people around the world, and the Patriot Act is the biggest violation of individual freedoms that was ever legislated in our nation’s history. Republicans love to talk about freedoms as they are taking them away.

The argument that Huckabee is using was dealt a deathblow by polling which found that Barack Obama and his foreign polices have returned America to being the most popular nation in the world.

This attack on Superman was a cheap attempt by Mike Huckabee to both appeal to his base and get himself a little media attention. Donald Trump has stolen the spotlight away from every potential Republican candidate. This was Huckabee’s attempt to take it back.

No matter where his citizenship rests, Superman will always be a greater symbol of American patriotism and freedom than the shallow and cynical Mike Huckabee ever could be.

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