Dead Men Can’t Vote But They Can Recall Democrats In Wisconsin

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Remember all the snarky little comments from Republicans about Chicago politics, things like “dead men can vote in Chicago”. Well I guess dead men can recall Democrats in Wisconsin.

Bill Pocan, is the father of Democratic State Representative Mark Pocan from Wisconsin. Mark’s father passed away long ago, but that didn’t prevent him from signing a recall petition for Representative Pocan’s colleague, State Senator Bob Wirch of Kenosha. On page 362 of the Wirch recall petition, you will find the address and signature of Bill Pocan. The date this was signed was March 3rd.

Bill Pocan’s wife, Corinne Pocan said in an affidavit that there was no way that her husband could have signed the petition, he passed away 20 years ago.

The affidavit states as reported to the Journal Sentinel,

“I receive a phone call that my husband Bill, of the same address had signed a recall petition against Senator Wirch on 3/3. Unfortunately, my husband bill passed away 20 years ago. My son Bill lives in Milwaukee and furthermore that is not his hand writing on this petition.”

The signature was acknowledged to be a possible forgery, said Dan Hunt, head of the Wirch recall campaign, but he accused Democrats of the mishap, saying they are trying to discredit the recall effort. Hunt said that by picking such a prominent name such as Mr. Pocan it will spotlight the matter.

Hunt was caught red-handed and the first instinct of most people caught in that situation, they start pointing fingers, said Kory Kozloski, executive director of the State Senate Democratic Committee. “If he is looking to cast blame, he need look no further than his own organization.”, said Kozloski.

Wirch was one of the 14 Democrats that left the State to halt the passage of the union busting bill, wrongly named the “budget repair” bill.

Something shady is happening in Wisconsin, from a mysterious 7,000 votes to dead men signing petitions. The Wisconsin Republicans will stop at nothing to advance their agenda, rather than helping the people.

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