Santorum’s Frothy Rants Define GOP Shock and Awe Domestic Tactics

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Shocking Us With Stupidity

Rick Santorum is proof positive of biological evolution; no perfect god could ever have made such a muddle of a human being. This is a man so out of touch with reality that David Barton looks like a stable match for your daughter by comparison.

Not only does Rick Santorum believe that Planned Parenthood practices eugenics in this year of 2011, but he believes that somewhere along the line the United States picked up the responsibility of combating “militant socialism” – a duty it is now shirking. Did I miss something in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution? In the Monroe Doctrine, perhaps? Or maybe Wilson’s 14 Points?

In a foreign policy speech yesterday Rick Santorum suggested that it has not left its “shady” past in eugenics behind, saying,

“Well, look at — and I know they dispute this — certainly a lot of evidence that the location of their clinics happen to be in places, historically places, where there are high concentrations of minorities for example,”

We knew Republicans hate Planned Parenthood, but c’mon! Not only did he urge my governor, Mitch Daniels. To defund Planned Parenthood in my state of Indiana, but he gave eugenics and racism as his reasons (what happened to abortion?):

“I can’t imagine any other organization with its roots as poisonous as the roots of Planned Parenthood getting federal funding of any kind,” Santorum said. “This is an organization that was founded on the eugenics movement, founded on racism — I mean, it’s horrific. It’s origins are horrific. And you can say, ‘well it’s not that anymore.’ It’s not far from where it was in my opinion.”

I am pretty certain that no eugenics is taking place in Indiana. We have it on only Santorum’s say-so after all, sans any evidence at all. I am very certain that both minorities and others receive all sorts of benefits from the existence of Planned Parenthood clinics in their neighborhoods, from cancer screenings to family planning.

And Santorum has shown that ability that like no other endears politicians to conservative  voters, making words say things they do not say, in this case an interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg given to New York Times Magazine in 2009 that Santorum and his anti-life buddies take as evidence that Planned Parenthood is all about preventing the birth of “undesirables.”

TPM provides us with the reaction of Planned Parenthood’s Director of African-American Media, Veronica Byrd:

Rick Santorum has stooped to using race as a wedge issue to launch a highly political attack ON Planned Parenthood. The truth is that the doctors and nurses who deliver care at Planned Parenthood’s more than 800 health centers provide women from every community with basic preventive care, including lifesaving breast and cervical cancer screenings, Pap tests, annual exams, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and HIV testing. Like other American women, African-American women understand that Planned Parenthood works every day to make sure that all women have access to high quality, affordable health care.

As if defaming Planned Parenthood wasn’t enough, Santorum has also taken a trip to Bartonville and assailed what he perceives as failures of recent U.S. foreign policy. And of course, President Obama is to blame:

“From acquiescence to China’s saber rattling in the South China Sea to impotence in the face of Venezuela’s use of petro-dollars to expand his Bolivarian revolution in our hemisphere, President Obama has at best refused to defend our — and democracy’s — interests.”

In other words, President Obama needs to get his ass in gear and invade somebody – now.

After all, those godless socialists are at our door. Er, I mean, those militant socialists… Santorum, after all, had provided advance excerpts of his speech to the Associated Press, at which time the term was “godless” socialism but he later changed it to “militant” socialism. No explanation was offered, but heck, if you’re making stuff up in the first place, why can’t you change it whenever you want and without explanation? The facts and any pretense of honesty went out the window the minute he opened his mouth.

But at least Santorum has now identified the enemy: sanity itself. It’s not eugenics and its not socialism. As Ray Madeiros wrote here the other day, 92% of Americans are socialists and they just don’t know it. Santorum’s knowledge of, well…of anything…seems to be typically Republican: If combating socialism was America’s duty, we would lack many of the things we take for granted today, including the Interstate system and public libraries.

But no, combating socialism has never been in America’s DNA. The knee-jerk reaction of the 1950s to communism was a typical episode of right-wing fear-mongering and just as fundamentalist Catholic Bill Donohue would like to bring back the Inquisition, fundamentalist Republicans would like to bring back McCarthysm. Those bleak episodes showed folks who was in charge in true authoritarian style any conservative can understand: the maintenance of the status quo through fear and violence.

Domestic policies can do nicely without Shock and Awe, thank you very much. We prefer a live and let live attitude in our communities. It is diversity and plurality and tolerance of those things that have made America great, after all, not fear of and violence against the constructed Other, and a repressive theocracy is nowhere mentioned as a need or requirement by the Founding Fathers. Heck, the Constitution even tells us we don’t need Christianity (Article VI Paragraph 3). We sure don’t need to worry about a perceived lack of WASP-centered (and very racist) American Exceptionalist spirit in our current Hawaii-born president.

But sowing fear, endorsing shock and awe domestic policies, inventing facts, revisionism, misquoting, cherry picking, pointing fingers, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, fear-mongering, hypocrisy…these things Republicans and Tea Partiers excel at, and they seem intent on going with their strengths in the run-up to the 2012 presidential race. We can expect them to throw everything they can find to see what sticks in a desperate attempt to turn back the clock, to launch a counter-revolution, however belated, against as America’s basic social compact.




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