The Right Approve of Trump’s F-Bombs Disagree With Building Schools

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Conservatives have once again put their family values on full display, by voicing their approval of Donald Trump’s F-bomb laced Las Vegas speech, but opposing building more schools in Brooklyn.

Here is the video of Trump’s F-bomb laced tirade from ABC News:

Trump said, “We build a school, we build a road, they blow up the school, we build another school, we build another road they blow them up, we build again, in the meantime we can’t get a f***king school in Brooklyn.”

One would expect the family values conservatives to be outraged over Trump’s profanity, but instead their problem is with the idea of building more schools.

Here is Rush Limbaugh’s fill in Marc Steyn via Media Matters agreeing with F-bombs but disagreeing with building more schools:

Steyn said, “The problem is this. We don’t actually need another f***ing school in Brooklyn. We’ve got all the f***ing school in Brooklyn that we need. The problems in Iraq are not that building schools in Iraq is sucking up the US education business. This country wastes more money on education than anything else, so underneath the false swagger and bravado of that the f***ing school in Brooklyn stuff. The point is actually false. Ok?”

Only in the hypocritical world of conservative family values are F-Bombs good and building schools bad.

Here are some of the conservative Internet message board defenses of Trump’s F-bombs:
(Names and websites have been omitted, but you can find all of it and more with a quick Google search.)

“Is Trump POTUS or VPOTUS or a candidate? Nope. He’s a private citizen with no official “role”, unlike Barry and his clown Biden. And ya know… so what if he did drop the f-bomb in an official capacity, so what…. the leftists in the press gonna throw out some faux poutrage for us? People have had it with them looking down their leftist commie noses too.”

“Like I said adults cuss. Was he in a room full of kids? Did he get his point across? Are you actually offended?”

“I love the guy. Nobody else in the party, not even Bachmann has the testicular fortitude to say what he’s saying and how he’s saying it.”

“While some will be offended by the profanity I believe more will appreciate the straight talk and testicular fortitude. This next election might be closer to a UFC fight. Civility has left the building on both sides and I actually find that refreshing. I want someone who tells it like it is and instead of kissing babies he makes them cry.”

These are the same people who blow a gasket when President Obama blinks twice in their direction, but Donald Trump’s dropping of F-bombs is toughness. I love how Trump’s defenders are invoking the Sarah Palin defense. (Since Trump isn’t running for anything, he can say whatever he wants.)

Donald Trump is teasing at running for president, and these speeches are early the stages of the job interview process for the most important job in the world. Would you go into a job interview, and litter the room with F-bombs? If you did, would you expect to be hired?

Imagine how these same people would have reacted if before he announced his candidacy Obama gave a speech that said, “The f***king Republicans caused the housing bubble. The f***king Republicans keep giving your tax dollars to big oil while they are making record profits. The Republicans have left you f***king jobless, and f***king homeless, and now they want your vote.”

There would have been howls and shrieks from the Right about how Obama had gone Chicago gangster, whispers that he was showing his true blackness and going back to the hood. They would have screamed that this unstable man was not qualified to be president, but when white billionaire Donald Trump does it, he is being tough and telling it like it is.

Remind me again of how race has nothing to do with the right’s hatred of Obama?

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