Glenn Beck Attacks Glee and Accuses Gleeks of Destroying America

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Proving that he is about go out with a bang, Glenn Beck used his Fox News program today to attack Glee and accuse them of spreading propaganda.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

What’s going on in our country today, you have to understand that our children do not have, They aren’t tethered to anything. We are tethered by a thread, because how we were raised. We remember our grandparents, and you have to be uber vigilant. Our whole culture is set up for you and the values we grew up to lose.

Beck then launched into Glee, “Let me give you an example. I don’t know if you have ever seen the TV show Glee. This show stands out and stands for almost every value I have. I have seen this episode or this show twice with my wife this year, and I’ve watched it in stunned horror combined with a sense of admiring awe. It is a brilliant, brilliant show, very, very well done, but it is a horror show. If you’ve never seen it, it is about a high school glee club. All of the characters are extremely good looking, extremely talented…Everybody in here is somebody that your kids would want to be like. Except everybody is sleeping with everybody else, there’s no values, self gratification.”

He said the story lines are horrifying, “Well, we’re watching this show and the dialogue very funny, but presenting in that dialogue is just story lines that are horrifying. Brilliant songs and performances, brilliant edited, brilliantly shot. I watched this scene, must have been maybe two months ago, and I said to my wife play a little bit of this please. This was at the end of the episode. Beck played a clip of the cast covering the My Chemical Romance song Sing.

After the clip, Glenn Beck continued, “It goes on. It is brilliant, brilliant. I looked at my wife and said there is no way to beat this, no way to beat this, and it go by most people, but pay attention to the lyrics, but this is Sing by Chemical Romance, and I love it. I love it, but listen to the lyrics. Cleaned-up corporation progress Dying in the process, children that can talk about it Living on the webways, people moving sideways Sell it till your last days Buy yourself the motivation Generation nothing Nothing but a dead scene Product of a white dream.”

Beck accused Glee of spreading propaganda, “This is propaganda and it’s an anthem, and it’s an anthem saying join us. How can you and I possibly win against that?”

Glenn Beck started out the typical right wing attack against Glee, but then he took to another level by claiming that Glee is indoctrinating our children with a My Chemical Romance song. I guess of you are Glenn Beck’s target demographic, you probably haven’t seen Glee and you have no idea what a My Chemical Romance is, so you might buy what Glenn is selling here.

However, if you listen to the whole song, or at least read the lyrics, it is obvious that the song isn’t about what Beck is selling. Here are some lyrics that Beck left out,

Sing it out,
Boy, you got to see what tomorrow brings.
Sing it out,
Girl, you got to be what tomorrow needs.

For every time.
That they want to count you out,
Use your voice,

Oh my God, Glee is spreading the propaganda of empowerment to our young people. This devil song is pushing the message that kids have a voice and they should not be afraid to speak out. Never mind that these kinds of songs have existed since the birth of rock and roll, think Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes for example.

In Glenn Beck’s mind the biggest threat to America right now, a threat worth spending minutes of national television airtime on is Glee. Sure Glee bears no resemblance any real glee club that has existed in human history, but the characters behave like real characters, and while it is not Disney, it offers positive message to teens, and a little bit of sudsy drama wrapped around a contemporary musical score.

In the minds of Glenn Beck and the right, Glee’s biggest crime is that it tries to make kids feel good about themselves. This goes against the idea that the world is going to hell and we are all going to die because of Obama. No one should feel good, and Obama is to blame.

Ladies and Gentleman forget about the economy, forget the two wars our nation is fighting, forget our fractured healthcare system, and the fact that too many Americans don’t have a job right now.

Forget it. The biggest threat to the American way of life is Glee.

Things like this are exactly why Glenn Beck got himself fired from Fox News.

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