Poll: Scott Walker and Russ Feingold Tied In Wisconsin Recall Election

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A new poll by Republican polling firm Ethridge & Associates released today found that if Governor Scott Walker faces a recall election against former Sen. Russ Feingold, the race would be tied, 48%-48%.

The GOP poll found that voters narrowly favor collective bargaining for public employees, (48%-46%). A majority of Wisconsin oppose Scott Walker’s budget plan (50%-47%). With Feingold not in the recall equation 51% of Wisconsin voters oppose recalling Walker, but when Russ Feingold is added to the equation, it becomes a 48%-48% tie.

Wisconsin law requires that the signatures on the recall petition must equal 25% of the votes cast in the previous election, and the poll found that 37% of those who voted in the 2010 election would sign a petition to recall Gov. Walker. Of the overall, 44% who supported recalling Walker, 83% are willing to put their name and address on a petition.

The Republican pollsters warned that should Walker be successfully recalled this could provide Democrats with 2012 springboard in the state, in the same manner that Scott Brown’s Senate victory boosted Republicans ahead of the 2010 election. What the pollsters don’t seem to understand is that the collective bargaining issue has already provided Democrats in the state with an springboard to victory.

Because of Scott Walker’s actions, Democrats were able to turn what should have been a dull easy reelection for a conservative Supreme Court justice into a 50/50 nail biter with a recount pending. On Thursday, Democrats are going to submit their sixth Republican recall petition. This one will be against Sen. Rob Cowles. Republicans can forget about stopping the Democrats momentum. That horse has already left the barn.

Republicans should now be trying to survive and hold on for dear life. Even though this is a Republican poll, the writing is on the wall. Scott Walker is probably going to face a recall election next year. The question for Republicans shouldn’t be will Walker be recalled? The question is can Scott Walker survive a recall election against Russ Feingold?

Wisconsin Republicans have lost all the momentum that they gained in 2010, and are likely going to lose control of the state senate. None of this would have happened if Gov. Scott Walker would have accepted the cuts that the unions offered. Walker wasn’t interested in concessions. Scott Walker’s true agenda was union busting.

Scott Walker created the political black hole that is now threatening to suck him and six Republican senators into oblivion. When even Republican polling reveals that Walker is likely facing a recall election and the best case scenario is a tie, things are bad, really bad. Because of Scott Walker, Republicans can probably forget any hopes that they once had of defeating Obama in the state in 2012.

Gov. Walker’s union busting to crusade should be a lesson to Republicans all across America. Union busting will not only be unpopular with the people, but the political price for being a slave of the corporate interests could be your job.

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