Anti-Marijuana GOP Lawmaker Busted For Possession of Pot

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Rhode Island House Republican Leader Robert Watson is the latest living example of the Republican difficulty with practicing what they preach. Watson is fervently anti-Marijuana, but last Friday night he was pulled over and arrested for DUI and marijuana possession.

According to The Providence-Journal, “After handcuffing Watson and placing him under arrest, the arresting police officer said he found “a small plastic sandwich bag containing a green leafy plant-like substance and a small wooden marijuana smoking pipe” in Watson’s right pants pocket.”

Like any good Republican Watson has denied being under the influence, “I traveled to New Haven, Connecticut, on Friday afternoon to help a friend move,” he said. “Following dinner, I was traveling alone back home to Rhode Island in my pickup truck at approximately 9:30 p.m. …[when] I entered a sobriety checkpoint conducted by local police. It appeared that all vehicles were being stopped and I was detained as well. While confident I was a safe and sober operator, trace evidence of marijuana was discovered, and I was charged with operating under the influence, a charge I vehemently deny.”

Okay, Leader Watson, do you mind if we ask how the pipe and the weed got into your pocket? Watson is the leader of a tiny band of Republicans in the state House, and by tiny, I mean 10. There are only 10 House Republicans in Rhode Island, but on the bright side 90% of the House Republicans weren’t caught with weed in their pockets this week.

Why do Republicans think that they can get away with this kind of behavior?

The political posture of many elected Republicans at all levels is to hypocritically vote for one lifestyle and live the opposite way in private. Whether it is the “family values” of Republicans like Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, and John Ensign, or the fiercely publicly anti-gay, but privately deeply closeted Republicans like Mark Foley and Larry Craig, the Republicans have developed a long and not so proud recent history of personal hypocrisy.

By appointing themselves the party of Jesus (the Republican version) and morality, Republicans have opened themselves up to this level of scrutiny. Republicans have made political hay out judging others while at the same time not living by the same standards that they publicly advocate for others.

Watson announced today that despite being charged with being too high to drive, he is going to keep his leadership position. (Since there are only 10 Republicans, they might not have too many back up plan options). Talk about family values!!! Watson has set a great example for the children of his state. Kids, driving under the influence and doing pot is okay. Look at Leader Watson, he got behind the wheel when he was impaired and he didn’t even lose his leadership position. If he can do it, so can you.

The GOP has once again proven itself to be the party of do as I say, not as I do.

Now, I wonder if Leader Watson has any of that kind bud left?

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