Regressive Republicans Once Called Martin Luther King A Communist Too

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The game plan is the same. The Racists and Regressives have always used communist, socialist or other vile name calling to portray the progressives as anti-American. Back in the days of the civil rights fights, they tried to tie Dr. Martin Luther King to communists.

The Independent American, a national conservative political action newspaper, distributed this flyer of Dr. King at Highlander Folk School, assumed to be a “communist training school”. The picture was taken in Tennessee during labor day weekend of 1957 and was on 200 billboards across the south in 1965. The photographer that took this picture was sent by the Georgia Commission on Education.

Karl Prussian was a counter spy for the FBI for 22 years, charged King with ties to 60 communist front groups. This was happening during the rise of the civil rights movement and in the midst of McCarthyism.

The reason they wanted to portray Dr. King as a communist was essentially to discredit him and make him an enemy of the state in the eyes of the public. They didn’t want the civil rights movement to grab a hold of the American public and gain broad support. So by making King the bad communist, it discredits the entire movement. Things haven’t changed, they have actually gotten worse.

We now have even more conservative newspapers similar to The Independent American, websites like World Net Daily who really pushed the birther conspiracy, and the American Thinker. We also have the Americans for Prosperity group who are looking to collapse the new deal and eradicate unions from public service.

Back in the days of Dr. King they didn’t really have talk radio, but now we have Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Beck and the king of Regressive wackos, Mark Levin pushing their agenda. They are using the same tactics.

Discredit the progressives through name calling and portray them as anti-American, but this time the have a louder bull-horn than a few mere billboards in the South, they literally own the airwaves.

The regressives do not have a plan to make our country better, so the best they can do is this same old tactic in order to get elected to office. Look at the birther conspiracy, rather than debate the nuts and bolts of policy, front groups try to make our President appear ineligible to hold the office. Or how about those who believe that Obama’s a Muslim? I know the Constitution says that their shall be no religious test, but these regressive groups don’t care.

This issue actually goes back even further than Dr. King, who was a liberal, progressive Republican looking to further equality and push for the rights of all working men and women across the country, including labor unions in pubic and private sectors. America was built to move forward, to progress. The best days of America were the days when progressive policies were strong, like in the 1950s and 1960s. This is our America, an America built on progressive ideas of our founders, like Thomas Paine and his pamphlets called Agrarian Justice and Rights of Man. Founders like Thomas Jefferson who believed in the freedom from commercial monopolies and aristocratic rule of the wealthy.

As progressives we continue to push forward in light of Dr. King.

Change doesn’t come easy, but it’s worth it in the end.

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