MSNBC Has Rachel Maddow Leaning Forward At Hoover Dam

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The MSNBC ad campaign Move Forward is moving forward into its post-Olbermann phase with Spike Lee ads focusing on Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow. The Maddow ad features the host at Hoover Dam talking about the importance of thinking big, and whether or not America still thinks in terms of big projects.

Rachel Maddow at Hoover Dam:

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Chris Matthews discussing the 2012 election and blasting birthers:

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Lawrence O’Donnell on healthcare reform:

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Ed Schultz talking middle class and jobs:

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MSNBC’s Phil Griffin said
of the ads, “These ads are unlike anything else. They are mini-documentaries that express the passion of our primetime hosts. You’re able to truly learn what drives them and why their audience tunes in to watch their shows.”

The first thing you’ll notice about these ads is that are technically excellent. In comparison to the phase one of the campaign, these ads are bright, colorful, shot in great locations, and they emphasize the personalities of the hosts. I thought the first set of ads was missing the Spike Lee touch. The second set of ads has Lee’s fingerprints all over them, and that is a very, very good thing.

The other thing that should jump out at views of these ads is their topicality. All of these ads are very topical, and they feature topics and positions that the hosts cover. Rachel Maddow, a host who loves big ideas and history, talks about thinking big. Ed Schultz’s blue collar populism shines as he discusses the middle class and job creation. Chris Matthews, the D.C. insider, is in D.C. discussing the 2012 election, and Lawrence O’Donnell talks about healthcare as a basic human necessity.

These are really good ads that serve both to brand MSNBC, and their hosts. These ads could get viewers in the middle of the political spectrum who are have been alienated by Fox News’ move to the right, and are confused by CNN’s ongoing identity crisis to give one or all of the MSNBC shows a chance. All the above ads are good, but if I had to list them in order of preference I would select, Maddow, Schultz, Matthews, O’Donnell.

The Maddow ad gets the nod from me due to the location, and it best captures the vibe of the Rachel Maddow show and the host’s personality. You can watch the whole series of ads at

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