The Right Wing Melts Down As Glenn Beck Goes After Donald Trump

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Glenn Beck has been grumbling about Donald Trump for weeks, and today on his radio show he finally went after Trump by linking him to George Soros. Beck accused Trump of running in the same circles as George Soros, “Donald Trump took investment money from George Soros to build the Trump Tower in Chicago.”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

After playing a clip of Trump telling a Tea Party audience to forget George Soros, Beck said, “Why is Donald Trump so eager to forget about George Soros? Could be he just thinks this is nonsense? After taking a dig at Mike Huckabee, Beck continued, “So a lot of people think that George Soros is nothing to worry about, Donald Trump. Donald Trump took investment money from George Soros to build the Trump Tower in Chicago.”

Beck pointed out that Trump hangs out the same circles as Soros, “However they donate to the same candidates and entities such as DSCC. In December 2009, The New York Post mentioned a private party hosted by Nouriel Roubini including Oliver Stone, George Soros, and Donald Trump.” The Beck crew pointed out that Trump keeps interesting company for a Tea Party candidate…Anybody else find it odd that he would say let’s get off of George Soros, because he’s at the money level and power player enough to know how much that kind of money can make a difference.”

Beck and company attacked Trump’s birtherism, “His whole campaign is based on the whole birther nonsense. Pat then brought up the AP story that noted that no Trump investigators have been seen in Hawaii, “Apparently, the short is all that Hawaii ever releases for anyone…including the President. They then kept hammering at Trump’s birtherism, “For him to release his own birth certificate, you would have to be advocating for him to be above the law. You cannot. They can’t release it. Even to the president. He can examine it himself there. Would you believe him if he examined it and said it looked real? Would ya? I’d love to see that.”

Beck jumped back in and concluded after talking about how the Fed is destroying our currency, “Really? This is where you’re going? It’s just so odd, the Donald Trump thing.”

This has been building for a few weeks since Glenn Beck went on Bill O’Reilly and took his first shots at Donald Trump, but now the gloves are off, and it looks like Beck is going to not allow his Tea Partiers to be taken in by Trump.

In this case Beck, Stu, and Pat, minus the Soros conspiracy stuff, were right on the money as it relates to Trump. Donald Trump isn’t a Tea Partier, a Democrat, a Republican, or a Libertarian. Donald Trump is a shameless media whore for whom political affiliation means nothing. While some on the right have viewed Trump as their chance to keep the birther stuff going, the reality is that Donald Trump is destroying the GOP.

Last week Karl Rove went after Trump for his birtherism, and we have even had dueling Fox News contributors fighting over Trump. It is clear that once Trump demonstrated some sustained standing in the polls, it looks like some on the right have mobilized a stop Trump movement.

You may laugh at Beck’s Trump/Soros conspiracy, but Donald Trump is courting the same people who see Beck as their source of information and truth. Glenn Beck could take the steam right out of this Donald Trump flirtation with a sustained daily attack on his radio show, and since Beck is on his way out the door at Fox News, there is nothing stopping him.

On top of this Beck has been feuding with the birthers for years, so Trump’s birther based campaign has likely hit a nerve with the fallen Fox News messiah.

Ironically, the same man who led the GOP to its current state of crazy may be the only one who can save them from nominating Donald Trump.

Glenn Beck might be the only person in right-wing media with the clout to derail Donald Trump.

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