Donald Trump Has Never Heard Of the Absentee Ballot

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After it was revealed that the latest Republican great white hope, Donald Trump has not voted in a primary for over 20 years, the pseudo-candidate went on Fox News and claimed that he didn’t vote because his polling place was too far away, and Republicans never were going to win. Apparently, The Donald have never heard of the absentee ballot.

Here is the video of Trump on Fox and Friends:

Trump defended the fact that he hasn’t voted in a primary in 21 years by saying, “In terms of the general election, my record is very good. I mean, generally-speaking, I like to vote. I’m a believer in voting, I will tell you. But when they don’t run a Republican candidate or when the Republican is scheduled to get 6.2% of the vote, it’s sort of pretty tough to travel 1,000 miles in order to vote.”

An investigation by NY1 revealed that Donald Trump has missed several primary elections. Trump didn’t bother to vote in Republican presidential primaries in 1992 and 1996, and the pattern continued after he became a Democrat in 2001. Trump blew off the 2002 primary and general election, and despite heartily endorsing Barack Obama in 2008, he did not vote in the Democratic primary.

There are many problems with Donald Trump’s excuses for not voting. It doesn’t matter where he was at the time of the election, Trump could have voted absentee. In fact, there is even this handy website that step by step walks voters through the absentee process. It doesn’t matter if Trump was 10,000 miles away, he could have still voted.

His excuse that he lacked the motivation to vote because Republicans always lose doesn’t explain why he continued not to vote after he switched to the Democratic Party. Democrats were going to win in New York, and since Donald Trump likes a winner so much, he should have been first in line to vote. But he wasn’t.

How Donald Trump believes that he can win the Republican nomination in a primary process that he hasn’t cared enough about to participate in as a citizen is anybody’s guess? It is obvious that Trump really hasn’t thought this whole running for president thing through. It is always a good rule of thumb for any potential candidate for any office, local, state, or federal to have both residency and a voting record.

Instead of giving an I’ve seen the light kind of political answer, Donald Trump went with the dog ate my homework. If a man is so disinterested in politics that he can’t even file an absentee ballot then how is he going to be able to govern this country?

Donald Trump is so lazy that he makes Sarah Palin look industrious.

Should Donald Trump be foolish enough to run, and Republicans be foolish enough to nominate him, President Obama will have a field day destroying him in the General Election.

If Donald Trump is the answer, then the GOP is asking the wrong question.

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