One Sick Puppy: Tea Party Opposes Anti-Puppy Mill Legislation

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Missouri houses the Nation’s most numerous and abominable puppy mills and in November of last year a measure was introduced to prevent cruelty to the puppy mill puppies. That Puppy Mill Cruelty Measure was heavily opposed by the Tea Party who thought passing such a Measure to protect puppies was a radical agenda.

The Measure did pass, albeit narrowly, only now to suffer the fate of those it sought to protect. In a bid to overturn the will of the people the Missouri legislature passed a bill this month proposed by Representative Stanley Cox (R), which mirrors the Senate Bill passed earlier this year introduced by Missouri State Senator Mike Parsons (R), that if signed into law by the Missouri State Governor will ensure puppy mill cruelty will continue, unabated, unchecked, and without consequence.

In puppy mills dogs are usually kept in small cages stacked one on top of the other. This means the dog’s fecal matter and urine trickles down into the cages and food of the dogs below. This is unsanitary at best and causes the dogs to become ill. Ill dogs are often untreated, some die in the cages where they ‘lived’ and some stay ill until they are adopted by some unsuspecting family who then must spend a lot of money in vet bills to save the pet shop puppy they just purchased.

Puppy mills breed all types of dogs and some of these dogs are not meant to withstand the cold Missouri winters and those breeds are still kept outside, in stacked cages, freezing and shaking in their jail. They receive no affection, no exercise, no care, except for food. They are bread for one purpose, to make money for the puppy mill owner, whose en masse cruelty to these animals is unconscionable.

That the Republicans are overturning the will of the people is egregious. This is supposed to be a Government for the people and by the people but a small group is now overturning the will of a larger group. That is not Democracy it is oligarchy. Last year on a blog posting comment string I was asked, by a libertarian who was pounding fists re his view that the government constantly stripped away personal rights, when I would feel my rights were being stripped away. Well, Mr. Libertarian the answer is since November of last year.

Because since then the Republicans voted into power by the Tea Party-Koch brothers machine have set about to strip the rights of my gender our Nation’s Seniors (of which my parents are a part) and our endangered species. Furthermore, In Iowa this year they overturned the will of the people by passing legislation to ban gay marriage, a Measure that was prior passed by the People the legislature is supposed to represent.

Now the Iowa legislature wants to impeach judges who in 2009 overturned the gay marriage ban. All these aggressive actions will only increase litigation in the state and federally funded court systems, thus increasing the budget. This makes no sense coming from a group who preaches fiscal conservatism and less government intrusion.

And so it occurs to me that the puppy mill analogy well fits this current political landscape. The Republicans want to be on top so that their political fecal matter and urine trickle down upon us all.

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