Flashback: Sarah Palin Lovin Tea Partier Delcares Teahad on Negras

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The next time a Tea Partier tells you they’re not racist, introduce them to Grady Warren. Warren is a self-described angry white man from the Tea Party, who explains to the “negras” (that’s racist for negro) that the Tea Party isn’t racist. Grady says he is running for President. I guess after Trump and Palin, anything is possible for the Teapublicans.

In order to properly dissect this animal, we need to flashback to last fall’s “We’re not racists, you ignorant negras!” video, where Grady declares a Teahad on us all. This video is also handy to show your in-laws after they denounce the President and you for “playing the race card” over Easter dinner and general debunking of conservatives’ claims that Rush et al aren’t inciting racism. Think of this as holiday inoculation, general amusement, and an answer to the question, “How low can they go?”

Apparently this fella Grady Warren is running for President. According to his Grady for President video, he wants to send blacks to re-education camps to learn how to become Americans. He wants to deny all minorities the right to vote. I’m not sure where that will leave Grady’s species.

Grady explains to you how Tea Partiers are not racist, “Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm (nice nod to Limbaugh, see below). And Ben Jealous of the NAACP, John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and all of the other criminals in the congressional black caucus, and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the Nigra race pimps out there, on behalf of the Tea Party we are sick and tired of being called racists! Our mission is to educate legal American voters on the most conservative candidate! We are good Americans. We are moral. We are civil to our neighbors. We are taxpayers.”

I wouldn’t want ya’ to think that Limbaugh was incitin’ race wars, but here he is with his “Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm, mmm, mmm.” Nice how that’s catching on with the Klan folk, eh? Er, I’m sorry, that was racist. Nice how that’s catching on with the Tea Partiers.

Back to Grady and his rant on being called a racist, “The Tea Party is tired of blacks, Negras, liberals and Hispanics — especially the illegals, calling us racists for trying to save this America that we love! So on this 3rd day of November 2010, I declare a Teahad on political correctness and groups out to destroy America. Muslims have a rich history of infiltrating, procreating, and then eliminating. This is a fact of history. We believe in stopping their progress and deporting all Muslims as soon as possible.”

Ah, deportation based on religion? The founders would be so pleased. Grady continues, “Blacks make up 13% of the population, but somehow they make up 45% of the city, state and federal jobs and we wonder why the government doesn’t work and we wonder why blacks cause more crimes than all other races combined. Ben, is it racist if I say that every other minority group that has come to America no matter how they got here have succeeded in just one generation, The Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, and many others, but not the blacks. After trillions of dollars have been given in reparations to the blacks, and this has not been given to the other races, blacks are still where they were 50 years ago. Is that being racists when I ask that question? Well, Ben, I’m sorry but that’s a fact.”

Grady operates under the illusion that he is one with facts, apparently. He’s not done yet. Warren continues to show us why No Child Left Behind was a failure, “Why are most blacks on some form of welfare and why do we allow billions in fraud each and every year on social programs? Is it racist to want 12-20 million illegal aliens to be deported and the southern border to be completed or to scream out loud when illegals desecrate the American flag on our streets grabbing their crotches flipping us off, basically saying screw you, on our soil or when the President puts devout Muslims in charge of Homeland Security? Are we racist because we do not want to kill babies or because we love Christmas, we want God in our lives as Americans? Or is it racist when we ask that our children not be taught that little Johnny’s got two moms or two dads, and that’s normal, desecrating marriage between a man and a woman.”

Now Grady goes in for the kill shot, “Or is it racist because we love Sarah Palin, because she’s the female version of Ronald Reagan and to millions of men, she is their fantasy wife. Sarah is all about what’s great in America.” Yes, nothing says I love America like being associated with a secessionist movement.

And winding up, Grady bemoans his President’s racism, “Barack Hussein Obama recently told college students that the Tea Party conservatives and white people did not want them of color to vote. You are correct sir, The 91% of blacks that approve of you, you’re damn right, we don’t want them anywhere near the polls, they have not been educated enough to vote. They vote skin color and Democratic period. And the same goes for the Hispanic community and rest of the ignorant and uneducated liberals. Is it racist to only want the tax payers and semi-educated to vote?”

Luckily for you, Grady is fighting for us all, “Ladies, gentlemen, young people, I will fight the left, the right, Republicans and Democrats and political correctness. Our Teahad needs you. So please join me in this fight. And to Ben Jealous and all the black criminals out there, if asking these questions and being good Americans makes the Tea Party racists, then I guess this Huckleberry is racist.” Of this, Grady, we were sure.

I hear the bells of freedom, don’t you? Gosh, it’s not about our power – it’s better how much y’all like us as a wife. As for the negras, the Muslims and the illegals, well, someone needs to do the laundry while we womens are out playing President to the Klan, dressed in our dominatrix heels in the name of liberty and telling other women how they need to be subservient to the mens, unless they have colored skin, in which case we prevail. In case you fear no one will listen, we have an open door policy at Fox News, so our message will infiltrate!

The great news is that Grady is looking out for the semi-educateds’ right to vote (this includes himself, obviously). It’s the rest of us who shouldn’t be allowed to vote ‘cuz we are too ignorant for freedom and also, anyone who doesn’t agree with Grady shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Doh! That’s how we roll in Tea Party America.

I note that his video ends with an elephant, but he claims he is not a “Republican.” Now, since Grady has no problem generalizing, allow me to say that based on his Teahad on America and his Grady for President video, I am safely calling this game: The Tea Party is full of racists who hate women’s freedom and want to deport all brown skinned people.

Other than that, they’re all for that American thing and takin’ back “their” country. Looks like the Tea Party had the Klan at hello.

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