Rachel Maddow Calls Out The Mainstream Media For Ignoring Liberals

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On her MSNBC program Rachel Maddow called out the mainstream media for ignoring liberals. Maddow said, “I am just going to say it. The beltway press does not cover liberals.”

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Rachel Maddow began by discussing the media’s love affair with the 2009 town halls, “Cable news could not get enough of screaming town hall meetings for Democratic members of Congress. The Senate would return and get berated by conservatives screaming at them over the health reform bill and how god would judge them for it. Cable networks cut out of their regularly scheduled segments to go to these things live. Hey, there’s Arlen Spector. Watch him get screamed at or hey, there’s John Dingell. Watch him getting screamed at…Cable news was absolutely transfixed by the screamy scream screaminess of these town hall events in the summer of 2009.

She continued, “Less prominently featured in that coverage was some of it was organized by corporate funded front groups, a lot of it the Republican parties. Yes, those were real people, but there were big vinyl wrapped buses driving across the country, organizing for the events, directing people to specific town halls and providing specific talking points. Look talking points for these town hall attendees and instructing them on how to disrupt the town halls. You need to rock the boat early in the presentation. Watch for an opportunity to yell out. The goal is to rattle him.

Maddow then explained that history is repeating itself, “A year and a half later, the same thing is happening. This time with congress on recess, town hall events across the country, are, again, lighting up with anger and frustration, but this time it’s about the official Republican Party budget plan. The Paul Ryan budget plan which drastically cuts taxes for the richest Americans back to what they were in the 1930s. It drastically cuts taxes for corporations it gives billions of dollars to oil companies, the poor, orphaned hard-luck oil companies and it also incidentally ends Medicare. It repeals Medicare. It turns Medicare into a coupon system. It makes senior citizens buy private health insurance. That is really unpopular. It’s clear in lots of different polling done over the last few weeks. what’s different this week is that Republicans who just voted for the kill Medicare, cut taxes for the rich plan, last week, Republicans who voted, now it’s the Republicans who have to go back to their districts and defend what they did. It’s turned out to be a mighty challenge starting with the man who authored this budget.”

Rachel Maddow said TV is ignoring the story in 2011, “You would not know this was happening all across the country if you just read the beltway press or watched most cable TV right now. It’s only thanks actually to liberal websites like Think Progress, Daily Kos, and thanks to reporters like Jason Linkins at Huffington Post, which used to be liberal, but who knows anymore. These are the folks who have been doggedly chronicling these events. Those are the only reason this stuff is getting out there at all right now. There are not network news crews going out to cover these town hall events like they did back in 2009. The beltway could not get enough of it back then, but it is happening again right now, the same thing. And because it’s not angry conservatives, it’s angry everyone else, the beltway press could not care a less.”

Maddow then blasted the mainstream beltway press for not covering liberals, “It’s why you haven’t heard about this… It’s sort of an embarrassing thing to admit. People get mad at me and write letters from Washington every time I say it from within the business every time I say it, but I am just going to say it. The beltway press does not cover liberals. When the beltway press covers liberals, it’s not only not political science, it’s not sociology. When they cover liberals, its anthropology, they might as well be putting tags on our ears and watching us in a mating season. The beltway press right now says the deficit negotiations have to be between President Obama and the Paul Ryan plan. Why not between President Obama and the progressives? If this really is about fixing the deficit, why is the most fiscally responsible budget plan that’s been submitted and introduced? Why is it not on the table?”

The instance that Maddow cited is just the tip of the iceberg. I would love for someone in the mainstream media to explain to me why 100,000 protesters in Wisconsin were ignored by all three cable networks, including Maddow’s bosses at the supposedly liberal MSNBC.

While we are on the subject, let’s talk about how the media completely ignored tens of thousands of progressives at the One Nation rally in October. Remember watching hundreds of thousands of Americans protest the invasion of Iraq? The reason why you don’t is because it wasn’t televised.

In response to years of wails of liberal bias from conservatives, the media has developed a conservative bias.

The mainstream media has decided that a story is only newsworthy if it involves angry white conservatives. Angry conservatives like Glenn Beck are news. Angry everyone else is not. This explains why smaller Tea Party rallies are able to get cable and network news coverage while larger liberal events get ignored. Plus, if an organization actually gave a Tea Party rally the amount of coverage that it actually deserved, they would be hearing howls of liberal media bias from the right from sunrise to sunset.

Conservatives cling to the myth of liberal media bias like a toddler with a teddy bear, but here’s a little secret. Conservatives control the mainstream media. Conservatives have the top cable network. Fox News had the top 10 cable news programs in the first quarter of 2011. Conservatives dominate talk radio. Conservatives dominate the mainstream media.

For some reason liberals and progressives have not realized this, and they keep thinking that if they just put on a big enough event, if they could only draw a huge enough crowd, then the media would have to pay attention. They don’t and they won’t. Liberals need to wake up and realize that the mainstream media is not interested in covering all sides of the story, or even reporting the news.

The mainstream media is a corporate owned run for profit enterprise. The warped and flawed lesson that the corporate giants who control America’s television newsrooms took from the success of Fox News was that conservatives equal profit. This is why CNN hired more conservative commentators, and climbed in bed with the Tea Party Express. It is why Joe Scarborough has a job at MSNBC.

Rachel Maddow was correct. The media are not coming to help you, liberals. They are going to suffocate, not spread your message. This isn’t 1969 and Walter Cronkite isn’t covering Vietnam. Liberals need to get with the times and realize that the media is not their friend, and can’t ever be counted on to give them a fair shake.

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