The Mean Spirited Mentality Behind the GOP’s War On Seniors and Jobs

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When Republicans took control of the House in January, political observers had a basic idea of the agenda the new majority would pursue based on promises during the midterm campaigns.  It was not surprising there was a vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act even though the vote was symbolic and had no chance of passing the Senate or President Obama’s veto pen.

What was and is still surprising is that Republicans have not proposed any measures to create jobs or bolster the still sluggish economy regardless the budget deal Congress worked out with the president and Democrats. It isn’t that the Republican majority has been lax during their first three months, they have actually been working tirelessly to change the nature of our country as seen in the Heritage Foundation’s budget that Representative Paul Ryan is pimping to the country.

Ryan is finding that Americans are not as excited with Heritage’s reworking of America as conservatives hoped, and it may be that the mean, hateful vision of America controlled by corporations is not representative of Americans’ values. However, before Ryan presented the Heritage plan for the future, Republicans had already proven that this group may well be the most hateful, mean-spirited assembly America has ever witnessed. One thing is absolutely certain; Republicans are out to destroy the middle class and drive the country into the ground now and for generations to follow, all in the name of socially conservative values and corporate rule.

The Republican proposals thus far in the 112th Congress have been defunding social safety nets, eliminating regulatory agencies, awarding corporate entitlements, and a multi-pronged attack on women’s rights. It isn’t exactly clear at what point the Heritage Foundation gave Republicans their marching orders, but it most likely began shortly after the midterm elections. It is clear that the Republican agenda is against America, and from the outset they have shown contempt for people and abject devotion to industrialists as well as Christian conservatives.

The spending cuts to programs that assist children, the disabled, elderly, and poor Americans do not help the economy or create jobs, and indeed, eliminate nearly a million jobs as well as send those below-poverty-level groups deeper into despair. To make matters much worse, Republicans are taking any savings from their Draconian spending cuts and giving them to the oil industry in the form of subsidies and tax breaks. The net result turns out to be no savings whatsoever; except for the oil industry’s bottom line. It is a hateful bunch of wealthy legislators who in good conscience are able to steal from poor children and the elderly to repay powerful industrialists who will never live long enough to spend their billions. But that is what the Heritage Foundation expects loyal, obedient Republicans to do to earn their continued support.

During the first two years of the Obama Administration, the Democratically controlled Congress passed consumer protection legislation that restricts financial institutions from raping their customers and Republicans opposed the regulations at the behest of their corporate donors. Many of the spending cuts Republicans proposed were meant to defund or weaken the EPA, NIH, CDC, and other agencies that protect Americans so industrialists and corporations could realize higher profits.

When President Obama proposed penalizing corporations that moved Americans’ jobs overseas Republicans obstructed and eventually blocked the legislation to protect their corporate donors. The Chamber of Commerce  president made the rounds on conservative talk shows to tout the benefits of outsourcing jobs Americans desperately need. Republicans enjoy the financial support of the Chamber because the conservative Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizen’s United case allows unlimited foreign contributions to go directly to Republican legislators who help American corporations move jobs out of the country. It takes an especially mean-spirited Republican to eliminate Americans’ jobs so a corporation can enjoy higher profits while paying no taxes, but mean-spirited is the modus operandi of the Republican Party at the direction of the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity.

The Republicans’ attacks on Planned Parenthood, and in effect poor women, will not save money or improve any American’s quality of life, but garners favor and votes from Christian conservatives. It typifies the evil, dispassionate mindset of people who deny cancer screening and birth control for millions of Americans because of a belief system from the Bronze Age. It takes a special, cold-hearted legislator to tell millions of women they don’t warrant cancer screening because a voting bloc reads Jewish mythology.

Although the 112th Congress has only been in session for three months, there are myriad examples of Republican hate and contempt for the American people. Republicans are cutting education funding, food programs, and environmental programs to enrich corporations and they are unapologetic. The GOP is still pushing the fallacy that helping the wealthy is the only means of job creation or improved quality of life for Americans. It is unfortunate that many Americans are so foolish that they are still waiting for the Reagan-era “trickle-down economy” to produce results; in the meantime they’ve been the root cause of America’s decline. The Heritage Foundation and Republicans may be the liars who convince older, white, social conservatives that their agenda is good for America, but the voters give them their power and legitimacy. It is a travesty that the rest of America has to suffer because some voters aren’t intelligent enough to think for themselves.

Republicans and the Heritage Foundation are changing the nature of government of the people, by the people, and for the people to a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations; and churches. Along the way, Republicans are treating the American people like a virus that must be eradicated to ensure the survival and supremacy of corporations and religious fanaticism. It is unbelievable that some Americans celebrate the vicious treatment of their fellow citizens so a few hundred wealthy industrialists can reap more wealth, but that is what America is devolving into. The real disease is the hateful mindset of Americans who have no compassion for anything but themselves.

America is a representative democratic republic and it is shameful that Republicans represent Americans’ hateful mindset. However, it is beginning to appear that the Heritage Foundation overreached when they directed Republicans to go after the middle class and the elderly. The push back against Heritage’s puppet Ryan is evidence that although Americans support raping and attacking women and the poor, they are drawing the line at middle-class income and retiree’s Medicare and pensions. The Republicans are the meanest group in recent memory, but their supporters’ meanness has its limits. In this hate-filled landscape, any limit on meanness is welcomed; hopefully it will prevent any more damage to America’s psyche, but it is unlikely.

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