Fox News Tries To Turn The Old Spice Guy Teabagger

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Apparently the Fox News celeb recruiting effort isn’t stopping with Donald Trump. Today, the Fox and Friends gang tried to recruit Isaiah Mustafa a.k.a. Old Spice Guy to the Tea Party. Gretchen Carlson asked Old Spice Guy about the 6-year-old who got patted down by the TSA, and he gave a very un-Tea Party like answer supporting TSA protocol.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Gretchen Carlson brought up the video of the 6-year-old girl being patted down by the TSA and said, “Janet Napolitano, she’s the head of Homeland Security she said that the TSA agent did everything under proper protocol. How do you feel about this?”

The Old Spice Guy, whose name is Isaiah Mustafa, responded, “Having a 10 year old, I wouldn’t want that, but when it comes to the TSA, who cares what I want, right? I mean, they’re going to go by procedure. If that’s what they need to do, that’s what they need to do. I just wouldn’t want my being daughter patted down. I would like to pat her down. Maybe, if they would allow the parents to do something like that.” Carlson added, “Probably not going to let the parents do that.” Old Spice Guy continued, “No because the parents are the ones, if they’re smuggling something, they are going to put it on the child.”

Well, there goes Old Spice Guy’s shot at the vice presidency on the Trump 2012 ticket. Is this really what the Republican Party has become? Are the mining for potential candidates on every celebrity D-list out there? By not emotionally flying off the handle, and displaying common sense, Old Spice Guy failed the Tea Party litmus test. Whoa, being rational about TSA pat downs was not what we were looking for Old Spice Guy. I am sorry, but you are not Fox News/GOP material.

Mustafa brought up a great and true point. Unfortunately kids must be subject to security too, because drug smugglers use children as mules everyday on flights around the world. It would be great if our country didn’t have to worry about children being used by smugglers, but that’s not the world that we live in.

If the TSA announced that children would no longer be subjected to the screening process, criminals would have a field day. In the worst case scenario, terrorists could use children to smuggle all sorts of things on to airplanes. There is always a tradeoff between security and personal freedom. If we are going to have security procedure in place, then we cannot allow them to have big gaping holes because we want to believe that kids would never be used like to smuggle something on to an airplane.

Have Republicans gone so low that are now forced to use their television propaganda arm to recruit stars of virally popular deodorant commercials for their party? Is this the next rung down on the ladder after Donald Trump? What’s next Flo from the Progressive ads shares her feelings on healthcare reform? The E-Trade baby talks GITMO?

Where does it end, Fox and Friends? Where does it end?

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