Breitbart Comes Unglued and Blames Glenn Beck For Sherrod Video

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Andrew Breitbart was interviewed by MSNBC’s Martin Brashir today and he unveiled his legal defense for the Shirley Sherrod video. Glenn Beck did it. Breitbart said, “He was the one that diverted the attention away from the context which was the NAACP angle and made it about Shirley Sherrod.”

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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While questioning Andrew Breitbart about the Shirley Sherrod video, host Martin Brashir brought up Glenn Beck’s claim that Breitbart intentionally edited the video. Brashir said, “Even Glenn Beck who happily believes that an Islamic caliphate is being constructed in his words from New Zealand to Nairobi. Even he says that you deliberately misrepresented.”

Breitbart responded by calling Beck a liar, “Well, he’s lying, and the reason why he did…Listen to me, Glenn Beck said Andrew needs to apologize. He insinuated that he didn’t touch the story. They said that the reason why the White House fired her was because they were worried this was going to be on Glenn Beck’s show. Glenn Beck in fact ripped into Shirley Sherrod in his morning radio show. He was the one that diverted the attention away from the context which was the NAACP angle and made it about Shirley Sherrod. On the air he cut out the part where she said that I kept in the video that said it’s not about black versus white. It is about rich versus poor, which is her redemptive arc, which compliments what was in the piece that said eventually her humanity informed her to help the white farmer.”

It would appear that Brietbart’s legal defense in the Sherrod case is going to be to blame Glenn Beck. In an interview with David Schuster today and according to The New York Observer, Breitbart is complaining that Beck edited the video then threw him under the bus, “Next thing I know, I’m under complete attack without the support of Glenn Beck, who I thought was somebody I could count on. He threw me under the bus.”

When you combineThe Daily Caller’s recent piece where they claimed that Glenn Beck has stolen content and video from dozens of conservative blogs without attribution with Breitbart’s comments today it is starting to look there is a coordinated campaign on the right to blame Glenn Beck.

Breitbart really came unhinged here. He claimed that MSNBC accuses all conservatives of racism, invoked Media Matters, and frankly could not handle a serious line of questioning from Martin Brashir. Breitbart couldn’t even provide the smallest bit of evidence to back up any of his claims.

Breitbart went crazy at one point and accused Brahir being a pawn for Soros, and Media Matters, “Every single point that you’ve offered is straight out of George Soros’ funded and John Podesta’s led Media Matters. You are playing the role of the dupe of John Podesta and Eric Boehlert and Media Matters.” Breitbart then claimed that MSNBC is agenda driven journalism, and he supports it.

Andrew Breitbart’s interview with Martin Brashir is an example of what happens to conservatives when they leave their right wing media bubble. They aren’t used to be challenged and asked questions, and when they are, their only defenses are personal attacks and insults. Breitbart was pushed a little bit by Brashir, and he collapsed like a house of cards.

Conservatives have been living in self-imposed intellectual isolation for so long that their only defense mechanism when challenged is to speak louder and pound their chests harder. Breitbart couldn’t hold it together for 13:51 minutes. Can you imagine what Shirley Sherrod’s attorneys are going to do to him?

Beck has a million flaws, but he is not to blame for the Shirley Sherrod video.

What is truly sad is that there are right wing bloggers out there who think that Breitbart did well today. If by well, they mean looking like a total loon, then yes, I would agree that Andrew Breitbart did well. As an added bonus, most of the time he also managed to form complete sentences, which is a step up from the right wing norm.

Andrew Breitbart has really fallen on hard times. His standing has plummeted to such a degree that he has been reduced to pallin’ around with another GOP has been, Sarah Palin.

Breitbart did manage to accomplish one thing today. His off the charts nutter performance actually made Glenn Beck look sane.

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