Wisconsin Justice Prosser Rejects Recount

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The controversial reelection campaign of Supreme Court Justice Prosser may be winding down in the media, but those in Wisconsin can not be forgotten and left out of the minds of every middle class American. This is an enduring fight that can not be lost. The battle for the Supreme Court seat is still engaged.

Justice Prosser, Governor Walker’s right hand man on the Supreme Court has announced through his spokesman Brian Schimming that any attempt at a recount will be objected to. He stated,

“There is a strong enough win here, and for them to ask for a recount in any form will be enormously costly to the voters of this state”

With all due respect to Team Prosser, they won by a margin of 7,316 votes, or 0.488% out of almost 1.5 million voted cast. This is not a substantial margin of victory and to object to a recount only sheds further light into skepticism about this election.

This was a decisive election about judicial independence. The people realized that judges should be much more than partisan politicians who wear black robes. Judges should be impartial in theory and in fact. They should faithfully apply the law without fear, and without favor.” Again, Justice Prosser has this infatuation with his victory of less than 1% of the votes cast.

Prosser thanked his supporter for pushing the “the advancement of conservative values as the way to address and ameliorate our many problems.” I guess conservative values don’t include human rights, like collective bargaining. it is more like “regressive values, not conservative values, but I digress.

As reported by TPM, Jim Troupis, the Prosser attorney, was asked questions by the media. Reporters at a Prosser event asked multiple times, what grounds the campaign would use to object to a recount, given that state law entitles a candidate losing by less than 0.5% to request one at state and local expense. When a reporter asked Attny.Troupis whether he would say what grounds would be listed in an objection to a recount, compared to what is in state law, Troupis simply responded: “No.”

A recount should be an automatic, given the embattled and controversial, County Clerk, Nickolaus’ past actions and “human error” mistakes. Her past is too sketchy and plagued with “human errors” to ignore the need for a recount. The Prosser campaign knows want is at stake, if a recount turns in Kloppenburg’s favor, the mission is a failure. The mission to advance regressive policies that seek to strip working men and women of their rights to bargain with an employer.

Too much is at stake. This news story can not and should not go away.

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