Sarah Palin’s New Website PAC Reignites 2012 Speculation

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Sarah Palin’s New Website PAC Reignites 2012 Speculation

Just when you think she’s finally gone away, Sarah Palin unveils a new website for her political action committee, SarahPAC. Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Palin’s updated website roll out has the chattering class abuzz, especially as it comes amid her plummeting polls and the Donald eclipsing her on the crazy scale. Given the GOP’s current front-runners including but not limited to Mike I’m Going Birther Huckabee, Newt I Had Sex With Them Because I love My Country Gingrich, Donald the Birth Certificate Hunter Trump, Mitt I Really Don’t Care Romney, Michele Crazy Eyes Empty Tea Party Bachmann and Tim I’m Boring Pawlenty, the field could be wide open for Sarah I don’t Know the Difference Between North and South Korea Palin. And I just have a bad feeling that Scott I never Graduated From College Either Walker is still operating under the delusion that he has a shot at VP.

We should note that there are least three different donate buttons on SarahPAC, so it may be an upgraded cash request. Lately even her diehard fans have been saying they won’t donate anymore to her until they know if she’s running.

Palin has been unable to recapture the attention of the media in the last few months, especially on the heels of her Video of Self Pity tour post Arizona massacre. Last weekend, Palin spoke at a Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin and hardly drew a crowd, certainly not enough people for the 5,000 signs her fans made up to give away at the event, though we’ve been assured by her fans that they were there in spirit across this land.

Here’s a video of the rather loud booing of Ms Palin in Madison that the mainstream media chose not to show you:

If spirits can vote, and I think they can — at least on Dancing with the Stars, she might have a chance. Not to worry, Conservatives for Palin were busy rigging another poll, this one for Time, where they assured each other if they each spent hours re-voting for Palin after clearing their cookies, she could trump the elites. Dedicated Palin fans did just this, leaving prideful comments about their cheating methods after hours at their keyboard with multiple voting tabs open. The only question left is whether or not a spirit is the same thing as Mickey Mouse when it comes to voting.

Run, Sarah, run. Because nothing says popular like having to rig a poll.

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