Sarah Palin Claims The Media Is Biased Against Birthers

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Sarah Palin popped up on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show where she lavished more love on Donald Trump. Palin claimed that Trump and all the birthers are being treated unfairly by the media.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Sarah Palin was asked by Sean Hannity about Trump, birtherism, and the media, and she said, “Well first, I do have respect for Donald Trump and his candidness. I think people are craving that today in the world of political speak that we’re coming out the White House, and the confusing messages coming from our politicos. We appreciate that Donald Trump is so candid. Donald Trump is the one being really treated unfairly, I’d say though in the press, when they’re hammering him about the one issue that he has brought up, and not been shy about and that’s the birth certificate.”

The word salad continued, “He’s merely answering reporters’ questions about his view on the birth certificate, and then reporters turn that around and saying that all he’s got. He’s only running on a birth certificate issue, when that’s not the case. Donald Trump is running on the issue bottom line that President Obama is so far over his head. He has gotten us on a road to bankruptcy, and insolvency, and a less secure nation, and Trump and so many of us want to do something about that.”

It is hard to figure out who the bigger embarrassment is. Is it the media whore who uses the birthers for an extra 15 minutes of fame, or is it the jilted the media whore who has attached herself to the coattails of the new Republican Freak Show Flavor Of The Month in a desperate attempt to get back into the national spotlight?

In the world of Sarah Palin the two main issues that Trump and the Republicans are running on are, Obama is not a citizen, and if he is, he sucks. In Sarah Palin’s view, that is the entire 2012 GOP platform.

The media can be criticized for a million things, but not for standing up to Trump’s birther nonsense. The birthers and Trump have found what might quite possibly be the one issue that the media is not going to give Republicans a pass on, and despite the fact that a vast majority of Americans believe that Obama’s a citizen, the Republicans, with the exception of Mitt Romney are gearing up to make Obama’s birth certificate a meaningful issue in the 2012 campaign.

Think about this for a moment. Republicans don’t want to discuss jobs, the economy, healthcare, the deficit, entitlements, or even national security. No, they think that the big hot button issue in 2012 will be Obama’s birth certificate. Even for a political party that ran out of ideas before Ronald Reagan could finish his second inaugural address, this is a new low.

As bad as this is, it still isn’t as bad as Sarah Palin’s shameless Donald Trump bandwagon hopping. I guess this is what happens when a celebrity hits rock bottom, and for those of you who thought that Palin had hit rock bottom when she sent Rebecca Mansour out to tweet 140 characters of whine at the mainstream media for not covering her Wisconsin bomb, guess again. This is the real bottom.

Sister Sarah’s tank is officially on E.

Sarah Palin is one Violent Torpedo of Truthesque tour away from joining Charlie Sheen on the fast track to has-beenville.

The question is can Sarah Palin be called as has been when she is really a never was?

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