Fox News Contributors Are At Each Other’s Throats Over Donald Trump

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More Fox and Fox feuding broke out today on FNC’s America’s Live program as contributor Mike Gallagher went after both of his fellow Fox contributors Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer because they criticized Donald Trump. Gallagher said, “I cringe at the attacks that conservatives come up with over somebody who wants to take this country in a different direction.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

First Fox played a clip of Rove criticizing Trump:

Fellow Fox News contributor Mike Gallagher replied, “I think Republicans who denigrate Donald Trump do so at their own peril. Let me tell you why, Americans are thirsty for someone who’s tough, and I just think that we need to let the process play out. Let Americans decide who they are going to put in the primary and who they are going to elect ultimately. Charles Krauthammer who I admire very much called Trump a vulgarian, not George Bush.”

After playing the Krauthammer clip, Gallagher said, “Again, I admire Charles Krauthammer a lot, read him, but I’m in the trenches everyday with my radio show, and I’m hearing from people in middle America who want a tough, brash guy who won’t back down. Now listen, I’m not particularly a Donald Trump fan. I don’t think I’d prefer him as my first choice, but I really…I cringe at the attacks that conservatives come with over somebody who wants to take this country in a different direction, or so he says.”

He continued, “I’m aware of the criticism that Donald Trump has leveled against a good and decent man like George W. Bush. I don’t like it. I know he was pro-choice before he was pro-life, but listen Americans get to make this decision, and I’m really wary of some of the real denigrating remarks that conservative pundits are making about the Donald.”

After going over Trump’s flip-flops and sketchy record, Gallagher said that this is all about the birther controversy, “I think though a lot of this has to do with the birther controversy, and again I have the same theme, and I say this on the radio show all of the time. People are allowed to ask why President Obama hasn’t produced his birth certificate. It’s a fair issue.”

Guest host Martha MacCallum pointed out that to many people’s satisfaction, Obama has. Gallagher contended, “No, he’s produced a different document. ” MacCallum said, “Certificate of live birth.” Gallagher continued, “That’s different from a birth certificate and everybody knows it, and I know it meets the threshold like Stephanopoulos pointed out to Trump the other day, but to many Americans their wondering why he just doesn’t produce the birth certificate and get it over with, and I think people have a right to ask that question without being attacked. And it’s the attack mode that gets me, and I think the birth thing, the birther thing is the reason why Donald Trump has earned the disdain of so many conservatives, and I don’t get it. Let people ask the question.”

Gallagher actually answered his own question about why the birther thing should not even be an issue in the Republican Party with his own words. Obama’s certificate of live birth meets the legal threshold for proof of citizenship. If Obama has met the legal threshold, then what is the issue?

What is going unnoticed is that Donald Trump is threatening to blow up the entire Republican Party and Fox News with his birther suicide mission.

The on air war at Fox News is a microcosm of the larger tug of war that is going on within the Republican Party. Establishment Republicans like Karl Rove and Mitt Romney, a.k.a. Team Sane, are warning their fellow party members that hopscotching down the birther path with Trump is a really bad idea.

The Tea Partiers a.k.a. Team Insane are willing to buy any half-baked Obama conspiracy that comes their way, and they are hopping on the Birther Choo-Choo to Hell with Donald Trump.

The problem for Team Sane is that by the looks of the polls they are outnumbered by about a 2-1 margin in the Republican rank and file, and Fox News which has done more to push Donald Trump than anyone else now finds itself dealing with an on air civil war centering on both Trump and the birther issue.

Today Fox essentially hosted one of their contributors to attack two of their other contributors who were critical of Donald Trump. I think it is clear whose side Fox Is on here, and it isn’t Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer.

Instead of unifying the Republican Party, Donald Trump is tearing it apart, and the divide is airing live every day on Fox News.

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