Conservative Christians Mark Holy Week With An Attack On Our Rights

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This week is a special time for bunnies, peeps, and colored eggs as well as all of conservative Christendom who are celebrating their special holiday with the facsimiles of the instrument of torture that killed their religion’s namesake. In regional newspapers around the country churches have taken out full-page ads touting “holy week” and the wonders of knowing that a mythological character was tortured to death on a cross only to miraculously rise from the dead three days later. However, resurrection aside, there isn’t too much for conservative Christians to be proud of as of late based on the evil assault on women’s rights being waged by conservative Christians in Congress and state legislatures around the country. In fact, conservative Christians have targeted the LGBT movement and the American Cancer Society as well as women in their “holy war” on all things not emanating from the Christian bible.

There are many different ways to be holy, but conservative Christians in America have bastardized the meaning of the word holy as well as the message of their savior who taught that neighborly love, charity, non-violence, and acceptance exemplifies what it means to be holy. Although there are a few conservative Christians who epitomize the embodiment of Jesus and his teachings, the majority are judgmental, mean-spirited, and vindictive toward anyone who refuses to go along with their satanic leanings.

The Christian bible characterizes Satan as an angry, jealous being in opposition to god and his plan for humanity that Jesus personified. Based on the level of hate most conservative Christians have for non-compliant human beings, it sure appears that holiness has been redefined to mean something very different from what Jesus preached.

There are few people who would think it was holy to arrest a pregnant woman for falling down a flight of stairs and holding her in a jail cell for two days, but that is what the “holy” conservative Christians in Iowa instigated with their pro-life legislation that bestowed personhood on a fertilized ovary. Not only did the holy folks in Iowa become god by using conservative legislators and Catholic money to transform a zygote into a thinking, speaking person, but they disobeyed Jesus’ commands to abstain for passing judgment. But when a group is holy, all things are possible as long as holiness entails forcing unreasonable standards on free-willed beings.

It is well-known today and throughout history that the Catholic Church is holy, and this week is really their time to shine with pomp and circumstance in their long run-up to bunny day. Of course, the myriad days of celebration give ample time for pedophile priests to rape children with impunity; because they are holy. In Colorado, the holy Catholic Church gave its blessing for parish priests to collect signatures in church in support of Personhood amendments even though such actions conflict with non-profit tax-exempt status churches claim. As noted above, all Christians are not conservative or anti-Christs and in Florida, Catholic Bishops opposed the personhood amendment only to be condemned by the holier-than-thou faction within the larger organization. In Wisconsin, the holy church is promoting a Constitutional Amendment to give personhood to the “preborn people” so in case of accident or miscarriage the mother can be charged and tried as a homicidal criminal. It’s the holy thing to do.

In California during the Proposition 8, same-sex marriage debate, Catholics and Mormons poured millions of dollars into campaign coffers to deny gay couples the right to marry. Besides forcing their holy belief system on all Californians, the groups used the pulpit to inform congregants on how to vote and aired fallacious television ads warning that second graders would be indoctrinated into the gay lifestyle. In the same elections, there were several holy priests that warned parishioners that if they voted for Barack Obama, they would not be allowed to partake of the cracker and grape juice or confess their transgressions.

In the House of Representatives, holy Christian-conservative Republicans led by Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) are attempting to use their holy mandate to defund Planned Parenthood and deny access to birth control, cancer screenings, and pre-natal care for millions of poor women. Obviously, the holier-than-everyone Republicans have insight into the scriptures that unholy people lack because for the pittance Planned Parenthood receives from the government, there must be a command in the bible that informs Christians it is holy to deny poor women access to life-saving cancer screening. Who would believe that anyone, holy or not, would oppose cancer screening or cancer research for that matter?

Believe it or not, there is a holy man who has called for a boycott of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life because the group supports stem cell research. The holy man, Josh Brahm, wrote in the holier-than-science pro-life blog, Life News, that stem cell research is analogous to the unholy Nazi, Dr. Rascher, and his hypothermia experiments on adult Jews. Apparently, Brahm is blessed with extra holiness to discourage anyone from donating to or participating in the ACS Relay for Life, and equally apparent is his holiness’s willingness to condemn millions of Americans to death because of a few obscure words in ancient Jewish mythology. But that is the way it works with holy people and this week they have to remind us that it’s holy week.

It is too bad that conservative Christians aren’t limited to just having one big holy week. If they were limited to just seven days of holiness, America would be a much better place. It would certainly be safer for women and gays if holiness abounded for a week instead of year-round. But the holy-roller Republicans practice their brand of holy all year and not just during holy week.

It is possible that conservative Christians are reminding themselves this is holy week to reflect on what it means to be followers of Christ and by extension, holy. Perhaps they need the holy week as a time for renewal of their faith or awakening from the spiritual darkness they create all year long. Conservative Christians can advertise and announce holy week all they want, but it is still a mockery to associate them with anything holy, and they can erect a cross in a yard to show their holiness, but their actions belie their showy display. This is not to say that there aren’t good conservative Christians who follow Jesus’ example and are truly holy, but they are few and far between; and silent.

If conservative Christians were serious about being holy, they would follow Jesus’s example and not worry about telling the world they’re holy. They would stop being judgmental and start expressing neighborly love instead of being vile, vindictive fear mongers to gain power and riches. Republican legislators claiming to be holy would not deny poor women cancer screening or poor children food and shelter. A holy person would not call for a boycott of the American Cancer Society or compare cancer research to Nazis. But then again, there are very few holy people in America; if there are any, they’re not conservatives, Republicans, or teabags. As Jesus said, the holy are poor, tired, and hungry and they don’t have to announce that it’s holy week.

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