Donald Trump Claims Karl Rove Got Obama Elected

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In his weekly segment on Fox and Friends Donald Trump attacked Karl Rove for calling him a joke candidate, and blamed Rove for the election of Obama, “I am very upset with Bush because he had a really bad time, and he gave us Obama, and Karl Rove was Bush.”

On April 15, during an appearance on FNC’s On The Record With Greta Van Susteren, Karl Rove said of Trump and his birtherism,

Well, it hurts Donald Trump and it removes — he was an interesting candidate who had a business background and could have contributed to the dialogue. But his full embrace of the birther issue means that he’s off there in the nutty right and is now an inconsequential candidate.

I’m shocked. The guy’s smarter than this. And you know, the idea that President Obama was not born in Hawaii, being — you know, making that the centerpiece of his campaign, means that he’s just — you know, now, you know, a joke candidate. Let him go ahead and announce for election on “The Apprentice.” The American people aren’t going to be hiring him, and certainly, the Republicans are not going to be hiring him in the Republican primary.

Here is the video of Trump’s reply:

Trump responded to Rove’s criticism by claiming at first that Rove was upset because his candidate Mitt Romney is doing so poorly. Later, Donald Trump took a very direct tactic and blamed Rove for giving us George W. Bush who then gave us Barack Obama.

Donald Trump said, “Frankly Karl Rove got more publicity from this than he has on anything for a while. You know, really probably what bothers Karl and I understand this, and you know, I fully understand this. I am really upset with Bush, because Bush had a really bad period of time and he gave us Obama, and Karl Rove was Bush. I mean you know, a lot of people say Karl Rove was Bush. So he can’t love me, I don’t expect that he’s going to love me, but Bush gave us Obama.”

Trump continued by claiming that Rove and Bush screwed McCain and Palin in 2008, “In all fairness to John McCain and Sarah Palin, nobody could have won. You could have brought back Abraham Lincoln. He couldn’t have beaten Obama, at that time, because of what Karl [Rove] and Bush had done in that last period of Bush’s campaign.”

Last week Trump blamed, “The Blacks” for Obama, now he is blaming Karl Rove. Donald Trump is following the same dangerous path that Sarah Palin took in calling out Karl Rove last fall. It is no coincidence that after Sarah Palin tried to pick a fight with Rove the Republican establishment openly started to turn on her. Karl Rove is still the preeminent behind the scenes heavyweight in the GOP.

Rove is planning on using his 527 organizations to raise and spend $120 million dollars on the 2012 presidential election. $120 million is going to be a drop in the bucket compared to what Obama and his 527 will raise, but for a GOP nominee who is probably going to be starved for cash, this will represent an epic windfall.

There are two reasons why Trump would take on Rove. Trump, like Palin before him, wants to appear as the outsider candidate in the Republican field. He accomplishes this by going on the attack against Mr. Establishment, Karl Rove. Donald Trump’s other motive is all about keeping the door open for an Independent candidacy. Trump is trying to attack both parties in case he decides to run as a third party candidate.

Trump’s strategy of attacking Bush through Rove contains one fatal flaw. George W. Bush remains popular with Republicans. Bush’s presidency closed with him enjoying a 75%, approval rating with members of his own party. As nostalgia kicks in for Republicans, this number will only continue to grow.

Donald Trump was also minimizing Obama by claiming that Bush got him elected. Trump is ignoring the fact that Obama is a dynamic political force who ran one of the best campaigns in history. Even if Bush would not have tanked the economy, John McCain and Sarah Palin were going to lose in 2008. Obama is that good on the campaign trail.

Trump has been drinking too much teabagger juice if he thinks that Obama is going to be an easy out in 2012, and by attacking Rove, he has opened up a whole other can of worms that he is going to regret messing with.

Rove will be nice in public. He may even go on Fox News and walk back a few of his comments, but quietly behind the scenes, Karl Rove is going to obliterate Donald Trump.

That’s just how Bush’s Brain rolls.

Image: Business Insider

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