Late Night Snack: Booing the Koch Puppet Palin in Wisconsin

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Late Night Snack: Booing the Koch Puppet Palin in Wisconsin. This is what democracy looks like:

Since we can’t hear Sister Sarah, it’s unclear if we’re missing her goodies about President Obama being a Titanic pool boy (yes, in this metaphor America is the Titanic – wondering if maybe she doesn’t know how that ended or she’s just using her usual fear Kool Aid on the fans ) or maybe her confused attempt to tell the unions that Governor Walker is doing the right thing for “his” state by taking away their rights, because nothing says Real America like taking away rights that even Egyptians have now. But let’s not forget just how disingenuous Palin really is.

Vince Beltrami, president of the Alaska AFL-CIO, wrote in the ADN a few months ago:

In the post, Palin begs her “union brothers and sisters” to “seize the opportunity to show true solidarity.” She belonged to my union, the IBEW, for about a minute, over twenty years ago one summer, in a temporary position, and has the gall to call union members fighting for their basic right to collectively bargain her brothers and sisters. It’s shameful.

As our part time governor she worked with democrats and union leaders to get her pet legislation passed. She reigned over the largest tax increase on oil companies in Alaska history and over the largest one-time “socialist” disbursement of over $700 million from the state’s general treasury to citizens and called it an “energy rebate.” And yet somehow, she has pretty successfully repackaged herself as the ultimate conservative. It defies logic.

I just listened to a speech she gave at an Alaska AFL-CIO conference three years ago where she praised us union leaders, and stated “I think it’s a healthy perspective I have on all this. It’s got to be the employers, the employees, the unions, the university, private sector businesses, and state government all working together on this. I’m not gonna let obsessive politics, or personalities get in the way of that.” This, apparently, is no longer part of her ideology…

Poking her nose into Wisconsin’s business without even a rudimentary grasp of her “facts” is typical Palin. She has no knowledge that Wisconsin’s public employee pension plan is fully funded, that the state’s budget actually had a surplus before Governor Walker gave it away to big business, and she certainly doesn’t know that Wisconsin’s hard working public employees actually earn an average of 4.8% less than their private sector counterparts. She once again spews fact-free hypocrisy fueled by self-promotion that continues to undermine her credibility at every turn.

Apparently working for solutions doesn’t pay as well as Koch puppetry.

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