Sarah’s Folly: Palin Invades Wisconsin To Rally Union Busting Troops

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Sarah Palin Coming to Wisconsin to Rally the Anti-Union Troops

Sarah Palin is being sent to Wisconsin by the Tea Party in a desperate attempt to get more than 200 people for a pro-Walker, anti-union rally. Freedom Works (Koch brothers) last attempt to bus in bodies didn’t work out so well, so this time Americans for Prosperity are bringing in their heavy hitter; the only national right wing “politician” ignorant enough to involve themselves Scott Walker’s anti-union debacle. But don’t let it be said that Sarah Palin isn’t doing something for the cause; while she is irrelevant politically, she is still capable of stirring up the opposition, and in this case, that means the pro-union forces. Thank you, Sarah Palin.

Without Sarah Palin to rile up the movement, the pro-middle class family movement in Madison and indeed all of Wisconsin might have faced morale issues after the Supreme Court debacle of Kathy Nickolaus’ “found” votes (not Kathy’s first go at “finding” votes that swung an election either).

But Sarah Palin attaching herself to the anti-union call is the equivalent of waving a red flag at a bull, because if there is anything Palin has managed to do consistently, it’s raise money and generate motivation for the Democrats.

Palin might have wondered why no one else in her party was showing up in Madison; it’s because they can’t afford to be tainted with the anti-union brush of Scott Walker’s inept and now debunked “fiscal” governing. She may have wondered why President Obama did not insert himself into a cause he certainly supports; President Obama understands that when your enemy is shooting themselves in the foot, you don’t interfere and you certainly don’t show up to motivate the opposition.

But Sarah Palin can’t afford to be picky about her attempts to insert herself into the national spot light; her opportunities are few and far between with her poll numbers rivaling W’s at the end of his last term. So off she goes to Wisconsin, fresh off of her speech for Women of Joy, otherwise known as anti-choice for women.

And just in case it needs to be said, Sarah Palin is no feminist. Feminism embraces the union movement, as one of the only ways women earn equal pay and on a broader scale, as part of basic human rights for all people. Naturally, Palin, whose husband was a union member, is now against unions, in what can only be seen as Tea Party hypocrisy. Unions are good enough for them until they can earn more money telling you that unions are bad.

Palin will be in Madison on Saturday for the Americans for Prosperity Tea Party rally, from noon-two PM. Other speakers include John Fund who recently misled his Wall Street Journal readers about the funding for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, leading them to believe that the evil union thugs had brought in more outside money than poor Justice Prosser generated from the anti-freedom, faux-grassroots corporate-backed conservative funders.

Governor Walker is not scheduled to appear with her. Perhaps he’s still recovering from the verbal beating he got yesterday during the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s April 14 hearing on “State and Municipal Debt: Tough Choices Ahead,” wherein Dennis Kucinich forced him to admit that his anti-union bill saved the state zero money. Or maybe even Governor Walker, who appeared part petulant teenager and part Dopey from Snow White as he gazed with confusion upon the congressional panel firing questions at him, knows when to walk away.

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