Massachusetts Conservatives Turn Their Backs On Mitt Romney

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It has to say a lot about a candidate when the people who supported you for Governor, are campaigning against you for the Republican nomination for United States President. In April of 2011 a website called was launched. It seems it may have been started by a big tea party supporter and radio talker, Michael Graham.

Here is what the first post says,

Welcome to a website from Massachusetts Republicans/conservatives dedicated to saving our party and our nation from the disaster that would be “Republican nominee Mitt Romney.”

Together we have signed the AMB Treaty: “Anyone But Mitt.” We hope you will, too. (Just click here to sign the Anyone But Mitt petition)

There are 1,000 reasons why, but the biggest and most obvious is…


RomneyCare is ObamaCare 1.0 If the GOP nominates Mitt, then the 2012 election won’t be about why government-mandated, government-run health care is a disaster. Instead, it will be about which version of the disaster you want—Mitt Romney’s or Barack Obama’s.

Our answer is “neither.”

The only way to keep this from happening is for us to band together and declare…


The entire premise of this campaign is simple, healthcare. Mitt Romney instituted “Romneycare” 5 years ago and is also considered the benchmark for the current federal health reform law. These conservatives in Massachusetts believe that if Mitt is nominated as the GOP’s pick, Obama gets in, hands down in 2012.

Perhaps they are onto something. Perhaps the tea party will stay home on election day in 2012, or even better, they will have a tea party candidate run as an independent. Who knows?

What I do know is this, the Massachusetts conservatives are going to be campaigning against a candidate they supported in 2008. In that primary Mitt Romney beat John McCain by about 10% in Massachusetts.

Now, I may be missing something, but Romneycare was in effect for 2 years already. Why wasn’t that a factor in 2008? Oh that’s right, President Obama thought Romneycare was a good idea, so that made the Massachusetts conservatives change their minds.

In fact, the healthcare mandate was a Heritage Foundation idea back in 1990 where they said, “government would require, by law every head of household to acquire at least a basic health plan for his or her family.”

So perhaps the Heritage Foundation should no longer be supported by conservatives either.

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