Is Sarah Palin Finally Over?

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Is Sarah Palin Finally Over?

The Republicans sure hope she is. To that end, we have a new media meme developing that Palin is over. The media is no longer reporting on her Tweets or angry Facebook screeds. She’s polling like Nixon. Trump is besting her with the birthers. But Palin has a fan base like none other, and they are clinging to life support that appears pathetic at first glance, but let’s not forget that we are discussing the Republican Party here.

When’s the last time a political party was letting two quasi reality TV show “stars” duel it out for leader of the free world? This is a new low, surely, even for the party who gave us the rancher afraid of horses and the I am not a crook flop sweat of another leader Palin’s career is often now compared to.

It would be foolish to count Palin out as a nominee for her party. That said, Americans are over her and that won’t change. All that’s left in her story is the demise, or the third act, which the media will cover in rabid greed, feeding the fodder of failure gristle to the over-worked to smirk at. There will be moments of breath-holding as Americans think she will get it together, only to be fascinated by her eventual succumbing to her own demons of narcissism and denial.

If she gets the nomination we’ll have a front row seat to this show and one of her secrets will come out and be used against her as the final denouement of the pit-bull. While that might be satisfying to a country over-saturated with Palin’s unique brand of Bircher-bred hatred steeped in Jesus tea, what does it say about our fourth estate? What does it say about the GOP?

Has either of them examined how we got here and determined to do better? No. Instead, they will feed us her demise and hope our eyes stay locked on her, when in reality, she is their Frankenstein. She is their Tonya Harding, sent out on the ice to kneecap America when America was at her weakest.

As morally despicable as Palin’s actions have been at times, and they have truly been appalling in their utter lack of moral compass, she was set free by the Republicans and allowed to lob weapons of mass destruction by the same press who failed to fact check George W Bush. We got no push back on the “death panels” meme from the lazy press, riding Palin’s charisma to a ratings bonanza. We got no push back on her “right to life” cred and her feminist mantle and few dared to say the obvious; that Palin is a dog whistle for southern racists. It’s not as if this can’t be proven, and it’s not as if she herself isn’t a Koch brothers Bircher. And we’ve heard little about her religion, which is the real reason she was inflicted upon this country.

Are we supposed to be distracted with the fight of the bad-haired reality TV show stars into never asking the real questions about how she ever came into power? If we don’t, how will we see the next Palin?

The media’s laziness and complicity in selling a lie to the public is a major crisis facing our democracy. But people are so ready to be done with her that they don’t want to hear anything except how she’s failing. And they will get that story, with the requisite shocking last minute come backs that teeter on the brink of greatness only to plunge down into irredeemable failure. And all the while, as we laugh, the Republicans will be running the next puppet and the media will be busy selling them to us straight off the party press release, so terrified are they of being accused of “liberal bias”.

This country’s news cycle has devolved into entertainment, following prescribed narratives from Hollywood screenplays because the country doesn’t object loud enough. In 2008, the media sold us Sarah Palin as a rising star. They never said a word about her husband’s ties to a secessionist group, with ties to militia groups. And those militia groups weren’t exactly harmless. They never said a word about her Bircher affiliations or her extremist religion. Now they’re selling us on the heroism of the GOP’s budget bill, premised on embracing the Republican talking points about the deficit.

Meanwhile, apologists are still defending Palin from having to answer questions, claiming she has been attacked in the media, while she lobbed unilateral lies from the safety of her Facebook bunker and whines about blood libel post Arizona massacre while others were murdered in an unspeakable national tragedy.

It should be noted that Sarah Palin would not be receiving the media scrutiny she is now just beginning to come under if the Republican Party still thought her viable for them. Instead, they used her for the Get Out the Vote in 2010, never balking at her incendiary statements, but instead utilizing her with deliberation. Promptly after she delivered the 2010 primary race for the Tea Party candidates, they dropped her like a hot potato in the general, knowing that she was poison as her plummeting polls so clearly articulate.

Just yesterday the Business Insider dared to run an article on Sarah Palin’s birth of Trig story, a rumor that began months before she stepped onto the national stage in 2008 but has been off-limits for the intervening years, after the media was shamed for even asking about it. On the other hand, the Republican Party gleefully pursued President Obama’s birth certificate, his religion, and his patriotism. As Andrew Sullivan has not been too afraid to say, this may have been one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated on the American people. And while Palin’s career will never rebound to what it could have been, the press’ refusal to scrutinize or fact-check Palin is still relevant and disturbing.

I just want to know when the Right will man up and run a candidate that can follow the same rules as everyone else and won’t need to hide behind the handicap of accusations of “liberal media bias.” Is Sarah Palin over? Her show still has the last act to go, where she’ll race to beat the clock in an almost come-back that will be swiftly followed by a widely publicized downward spiral. So it goes for the media puppets of this culture. I’d almost feel badly for her if she hadn’t been so gleefully destructive while she Uncle Tommed American women and cozied up to the white supremacists. No, I’m afraid like Tonya Harding, Palin has earned what’s coming her way, but the sad part is that America deserves better.

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