ABC’s Food Revolution May Have Prompted Change in LA Schools’ Lunches

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Jamie Oliver Wants You Te Eat Real Food

The second season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution premiered on ABC Tuesday night. The show, which is produced by English chef Jamie Oliver and Ryan Seacrest, follows Oliver as he attempts to change eating habits. Last year, the British television chef went to the most obese town in America in order to work with the school system to change what they fed the children. This season “Food Revolution” is filming in Los Angeles, even though the Los Angeles Unified School District refused Oliver and his show access. But today, just one day after the premier of Jamie’s show, the LAUSD suddenly announced a new menu.

Since he wasn’t allowed access, Oliver had the parents bring the school food to him for the first episode of his LA show. The school food was a disgusting blend of what looked like “airplane” or prison food wrapped and cooked in plastic, off site. Oliver demonstrated how ammonia is added to ground beef that our children eat in schools, but doesn’t need to be listed as an ingredient because it’s used as part of a “process” and not an actual ingredient, per the USDA. Lord knows we wouldn’t want the government to tell us what to eat.

Sugar and carbs seem to be the basis of the food offered by the LA school district, which serves 122 million meals a year. If Bush wanted to terrorize the left, this is what he should have shown us; this food is a weapon of mass destruction. And yes, apparently this ground beef ammonia concoction is what you eat when you eat ground beef. Take comfort in that the beef is merely washed in this mess. I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here; Americans have a food system that honors our long term health as much as our for profit health system does.

Today, LA Times blog reports that, “LAUSD fired back with a revamped menu that officials won’t attribute to Oliver’s pressure but instead said has been in the works for some time. Among the new entrees, beginning next school year, will be Salvadorean beef stew, chicken tandoori, Asian pad thai, California sushi roll and teriyaki beef and broccoli with brown rice.”

It should be noted that the LAUSD has a new superintendent, but they denied that Food Revolution had anything to do with the changes. Let’s just say that the sunshine of Food Revolution’s cameras didn’t hurt.

Watch clips of the first episode here, courtesy of ABC:

The Jamie Oliver Foundation is “a registered charity whose mission is to empower, educate and engage as many people as possible to love and enjoy good food. This means learning how to cook, understanding where food comes from, and recognizing the power it can have on our health, happiness, and even finances.” Sounds like more of those UK socialist elites come here to America to make us stand in line for universal healthcare. And Oliver has a foundation that does charity, and we all know charity is the root of all evil. If people can’t fend for themselves, do the American thing and just kick them as you pass by, and don’t forget to lecture them on how their diabetes is their problem as you curl your lip in contempt. Who knows, they might be a union member.

Reality TV is all about money being made for related corporations that want you to eat ammonia so they can make money off of your prescription drug habit to control the disease you got eating their ammonia, so let’s not get lost thinking this is noblesse oblige on ABC’s part, but if it takes a reality TV show’s threat of bad publicity to scare us into serving better food to our children, that’s a great start. After all, it’s the American conservatives’ way that with wealth and power come zero responsibilities, socially or fiscally. And heck, if ABC can’t make money on this show (which didn’t debut in the ratings so well), they can always ask us serfs to subsidize them as part of our shared sacrifice.

Cue the right wing outrage that anyone wants to tell them what to eat let alone start a food revolution. Freedom means the right to eat ammonia, patriots. I could have sworn I saw Michelle Obama lurking in the background holding fresh vegetables. Will no one arrest her?

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