Conservatives Slaughter Freedom with the Oligarch’s Blade

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In the past, Republicans have couched their corporatist attitude with talk and promotion of free market capitalism and trickle-down economics. It is evident now that conservatives have abandoned all pretense of working for the American people and have openly lobbied for power and governance by corporatists as they destroy the middle class and campaign to starve the poor.

Along the way, Republicans are planning on stealing Americans’ retirement savings even as they calculate the financial reward to the private insurance industry by eliminating Medicare and Medicaid in lieu of a voucher system. Conservative pundits and think tanks have bequeathed hero status on budget proposals by Representative Paul Ryan, and Republicans are looking forward to hijacking the economy over the debt-ceiling if Democrats don’t defund the Affordable Health Care Act and Planned Parenthood.

There is greed involved in the conservative’s march toward oligarchy, but an underlying ideological belief that industrialists and a few extremely wealthy American families have the right to own all the wealth at the expense of the middle class and the poor is crucial to true conservative ideals. Republicans are openly discussing eliminating the middle class that was borne out of post-WWII; in part to silence the working-class voting bloc as well as enrich corporations with cheap labor and more tax cuts. The unapologetic conservatives in the House, led by Eric Cantor (R-VA), are embarking on historic destruction of safety nets and programs that have served Americans since the New Deal. In fact, Republicans have targeted every aspect of the New Deal as if they are descendants of the New Deal’s opponents from the 1930’s during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency; they are out for a vendetta.

Cantor, the majority leader of the House expresses the essence of conservative dogmata in his remarks about Social Security. Cantor said, “We’re going to have to come to grips with the fact that these programs cannot exist if we want America to be what we want America to be.” It is horrific that Cantor speaks so candidly about eliminating the Social Security retirement program, but he presumes to speak for all of America as Republicans are wont to do. The America that Cantor wants is one where destitution, poverty, and despair in old age are the norm except for a select, few-hundred wealthy Americans. It is the same America the opponents of the New Deal saw slip from their grasp, and conservatives have bred opposition to safety nets into their adherents for 80 years until Americans became so lazy and ignorant that they can finally sell the public on their own self-destruction.

Dick Morris of the Tea Party described who conservatives should emulate and anointed Scott Walker (R-WI), John Kasich (R-OH), Rick Snyder (R-MI), Rick Scott (R-FL) and Nikki Haley (R-SC) as true Republican heroes for their recent anti-worker legislation as well as their corporate tax cuts. Morris also opined that a government shutdown would have pleased the American people and made rock-stars out of House Republicans led by Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). Morris parroted conservative talking points that government is too big (read regulations) and is spending excessive amounts on entitlements and unnecessary programs. He did not however, complain about tax cuts for the wealthy or subsidies for the oil and agriculture industry.

Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) complained that the emergency budget deal worked out between Republicans and Democrats failed to defund the Affordable Health Care Act and Planned Parenthood, and said she would not vote for any proposal that doesn’t eliminate both programs. Bachmann is relatively stupid, but she should be happy that the health law provides private insurance companies with 40 million new policy-holders. The problem with the law from Bachmann and conservatives’ point of view is that it provides protections for consumers the insurance industry hates.

For conservatives, regulations that protect consumers are, in Eric Cantor’s words, the programs that cannot exist if “we want America to be what we want America to be.” That conservative mindset that government is hindering corporations and the free market system is exemplified by the Koch brothers who do not need and cannot spend the money they have, but want to shape America into a country run by a select few. The attacks on climate science, environmental protections, financial regulations, and especially unions were strategized at the Koch brothers’ twice-yearly policy meetings with top corporate leaders, right-wing pundits, and two Supreme Court Justices. Charles Koch stressed the need to shape America into “the America we want America to be” and laid out a carefully orchestrated plan to eliminate the health law as well as newly passed financial and banking regulations.

The underlying theme of Koch and all conservatives is that government is harming free enterprise and prosperity by passing and enforcing regulations and helping less fortunate citizens. In fact, in one of the seminars the subject was taking care of the wealthy while controlling the poor. There was no mention of a middle class whatsoever.

Americans have been fed a bill of goods that conservatism promotes free enterprise and guarantees freedoms. Conservatism robs citizens of their freedoms by suppressing financial mobility and limiting the choices a free society guarantees. It is especially apparent in Wisconsin and other union-busting states where the Republican governors and legislatures are eliminating workers’ rights and their ability to have a voice in employment and financial decisions. Conservatives though, are not satisfied depriving middle-class workers their freedoms and have begun attacking the elderly and low-income workers. The scheme to eliminate Social Security is theft of workers’ retirement savings and will force generations into poverty and poor health.

Conservatives are destroying the American way of life that produced the middle class and social safety nets guaranteeing a semblance of security in old age. Americans pay in to Social Security as well as Medicare but Republicans want to rob our old-age retirement savings, and in Republican controlled states, conservatives are attacking the middle class and the working poor. Conservatives have also given tax breaks and subsidies to the oil industry as well as allowing them to take Americans’ oil royalty free. Instead of practicing genuine capitalism and free market principles, conservatives have forgone the notion of increasing revenue and instead only make hideous spending cuts.

There is a serious war going on in America between a few corporations, the wealthy, Republican legislators and the rest of America. There are no winners with conservatives in power except a very select group of industrialists and wealthy families. This war also didn’t start with the 2010 Congress or during Reagan’s presidency; although Reagan resurrected the anti-government sentiment heard during opposition to the New Deal. If conservatives institute their oligarchical plans for America like they have been announcing, the only freedom Americans will have is the freedom to starve. In conservative’s America that they want America to be, there is only one class worth protecting and it is 2% of the population.

Conservatives have waited 80 years to mount their final assault on the New Deal and the American people, and now that they have their army in Congress they have abandoned covert operations and made demands for surrender. They aren’t yet victorious, but like true believers, their conviction, no matter how destructive, is so entrenched that they tell Americans with confidence what fate the survivors face. In the future, when historians analyze the demise of America they will identify the culprit as a group of true believers with a deep-seated hatred of government and a genetic marker for hatred for all but the extremely rich and corporate power brokers. 

Conservatives have been forthcoming and sincere in announcing their plans for annihilation because they believe in their destructive cause; therein lies the danger but is anyone listening?

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