NH Republican Attacked By Her Own Party For Opposing Anti Union Bill

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When Republican New Hampshire Sen. Sharon Carson announced her opposition to a right to work bill, she got something that she probably never expected, threats from a fellow member of her party. Over the weekend Carson started receiving threatening emails and phone calls from Newmarket Republican Town Committee Chairman Joe Barton. (Barton can be seen in the pic above posing with Glenn Beck.)

Sen. Carson described Barton’s email to her, “There were some pretty derogatory remarks in it. I had no idea who this person was, but he immediately identified himself as the town Republican chairman for Newmarket.” Barton told a different story to WMUR. He released part of his email to Carson that stated, “I understand you are against right to work … have you sold out on us? For how much was your vote bought?”

Joe Barton apparently wasn’t content with a nasty email because he followed it with a phone call to Carson’s house when he said, “I know where you live. I am coming to get you.” Carson and her husband reported his threat to the police who later issued a no-trespassing order against Barton.

It turns out that Joe Barton isn’t just a Republican who hates unions and other Republicans. He is also a Tea Party member.

Barton claims that he never threatened anyone, but the Carson’s did feel the need to call the police, who did talk to Barton and issue a no trespass order against him, so I am inclined to believe Sen. Carson over the two sentences of an email that Barton has released as evidence of his innocence. This incident in New Hampshire is just one small battle in the ongoing civil war for control of the Republican Party between the establishment and the Tea Party.

Here is the kicker, Sen. Carson decided not to support the bill because her constituents didn’t want it and she believed that the state has enough current laws related to workers’ rights already on the books.

In short, Joe Barton was threatening Carson because she dared to act like a true small government conservative.

They haven’t figured this out yet, but Tea Partiers like Barton are the ideological foot soldiers of the corporatist agenda.

Even worse Joe Barton is not only a foot soldier in the Koch Brothers corporatist army, but he is also a federal employee. We know this because Barton wrote it to Carson in his email to her, “Carson said that in both Barton’s email and phone call, Barton stated that he “worked for the federal government.” Greg Carson noted this is in direct violation of the Hatch Act. The Hatch Act of 1939 prohibits federal employees from engaging in any partisan political activity.”

It looks Joe Barton is trying to follow his hero Glenn Beck’s footsteps and get himself fired too. Barton hates the federal government, but he has no problem with mooching off the taxpayers by being one of those, “lazy government employees.” The levels of clueless stupidity here leave one marveling at the intellectually devolutionary power of Tea Party ideology.

Real conservatives have no place in Joe Barton’s Republican Party. Ideology has been replaced by hate. Thomas Jefferson has been replaced by Glenn Beck, and teabagging has replaced intelligent thought.

Conservatism is dead. Long live the Tea Party.

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